7 Principles to Advance a Career In A Successful Manner

7 Principles to Advance a Career In A Successful Manner

The way of thinking has a tremendous influence on how you fulfil your accomplishments and succeed in your professional career. While skills and professionalism are key components in the workforce, self-development is essential for developing favourable ethical behavioural and character. Since Covid-19 pandemic, professionals are managing careers differently by creating a mindset of ascending for advancement.

Career ascension is unlike climbing a corporate ladder through traditional promotions but adopting a new mindset for distinguishing your career goals. It is a complete transformation in the way you think about yourself, others, and your career when practising seven simple principles for advancement.

7 Principles for Advancing Your Career

  1. Identify and Set Career Goals

Whether you are pursuing a new career or an advancement in an existing career, identify and set realistic goals with steps on how to accomplish each goal. Record each step in a journal and set specific timelines to accomplish your goals. A goal may be to receive training for a certificate in information technology or in another field to gain more knowledge and for advancement, for an example.

A major reason for advancement is to increase your income and enhance work processes and relationships for attracting career interest. Consider joining a media outlet such as LinkedIn for connections and to meet people in your profession. It is a professional social media that matches skills with employers and sends you notifications by email of likely connections to follow or contact for the opportunity.

  1. Learn Your Strengths and Better Your Weaknesses

The next principle to practice in your career advancement is identifying your strengths and weaknesses in knowledge, skills and character. It is useful in personal and professional development for better planning in reaching your goals and experiencing a gratifying career journey. Create a two-column list that identifies each strength and weakness in the workplace to discover the qualities of your attributes and how to strengthen areas that are imperfect.

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You can start testing yourself in skills, attitude, training, knowledge, and professionalism by taking assessment tests in your profession. Career advancement encompasses continuous work on self, abilities, and training to succeed in the working world.

  1. Set Behavioral and Ethical Standards

Set and practice valuable standards for yourself in behaviour, conduct and ethics. It helps to build trust among professionals in authority, connections, co-workers, clients, and customers. Etiquette training is a part of this process and involves your behaviour and conduct in the workplace.

You must have a conscious mind in the way you interact with others in a working environment. Humility is something employees and employers should learn if at the fault of errors or misunderstanding. Your ethical behaviour should involve integrity, tolerance, commitment, dedication, positive actions, and avoiding personal partiality.

  1. Accountability

Accountability is assuming responsibility for your actions and choices. If something goes wrong because of your decisions, be honest about the situation and come up with a quick solution to resolve the issue. Seek advice and accept responsibility for negligence, faults, and misunderstanding. Quality of professional relationships is demanding accountability by recounting actions, mistakes, and misjudgment.

  1. Brand Your Professional Career

Practice the principle of branding your personal and professional career by adopting the career distinction mindset. When you use the ascension mindset approach, there is never time for complacency and relaxation in your career, other than for rejuvenation. Amid the pandemic, people are transitioning and realizing that setting new goals is essential for advancement and pursuing opportunities. This different mindset puts you in a position to brand yourself similar to the way a company brands its products and services. You will discover how it takes less effort to manage your career and create a distinctive career mindset.

  1. Build an Attention Grasper Resume

You need a professional resume that attracts the attention of recruiters and prospective employers. Contact professional resume writing services to get the best resume for your next interview. Your resume is a personal brand comprising your skills, experience, and accomplishments. Some examples of skills include the ability to think critically, communicate effectively, resolve issues, solve problems, and write. Accomplishments in your career should be a part of the resume that defines challenges in the workplace and the actions taken with proven results. Another section must include your interpersonal skills, such as understanding, discreetness, and assertiveness.

  1. Network Development

Networking development is meeting other professionals for contact sources including opportunities and information. The focus is on building relationships for empowerment and reliable connections by exchanging information, contacts, and referrals. Before you network on social media or other media, consider your strengths, diversity, and the size of contacts. A few helpful tips are to show kindness, relax, and never use the selling approach when you establish a network.


There will be times when events will influence the economy to cause transitioning in one’s career, further advancement, and life. Practice the seven principles listed above to accomplish your goals and succeed. It will transform your way of thinking and prepare you to face challenges.

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