How To Start A Recharge Card Business

How To Start A Recharge Card Business

As active mobile users are increasing every day, recharge cards have reached an unprecedented level of importance in the telecom industry.

Globally, the average phone user buys recharge cards every day, but it has also led to a few hurdles for the providers in maintaining production, safety, aesthetics issues, and more.

This post aims to cover in-depth details of the critical elements of a scratch card and the qualities that an ideal recharge card printing supplier must possess.

Without further ado, let’s begin.

The top qualities of a recharge card

Aesthetic appeal

From the standpoint of design in contemporary products, every product has stellar design and aesthetic values. The same for recharge cards, and the right look can change their entire appearance. New-age recharge card printing involves the production of sleek and minimalistic cards upholding their quality. For instance, a few manufacturers utilise the latest ink technologies to improve the image quality where the possibility of defects in the artworks is minimal.


Another critical aspect of a recharge card is durability. For instance, the ease of scratching, PIN safety, and performance is crucial in determining a scratch card’s overall quality and durability. A few scratch card manufacturers rs deploy stellar testing strategies ensuring the product’s quality. Hence, it is best to get in touch with such providers for durable cards.

PIN security

The PIN is the essence of a scratch card, and making it secure should be a top priority in recharge card printing. Also, the card’s quality can be a problem as people can devise ways to read the PIN from the back. In a few cases, making the card go through some specialised lighting can also reveal the PIN. Hence, it is wise to choose a manufacturer utilising new-age ink technology with effective coating methods that minimise such risks.


At times, recharge cards have been subjected to stringent scrutiny regarding the coating material. Hence, the ingredient in the recharge card printing process is crucial to evaluating its performance. Firstly, getting the ingredients right minimises the instances of harming the PIN and making it secure. Hence, the testing methods, ink-select process, and right elements go in devising the correct procedure for producing stellar scratching cards.

Easy to read

The final thing that matters a lot in the recharge card is if the numbers are easy to read. An ideal scratch card consists of a protection layer to enhance the digits’ clarity and make scratching easier. Also, assessing the factors that might affect the clarity of the numbers while removing the coating material.

Choosing the right recharge card manufacturer

Outlined above are the key elements of a scratch card, and the top recharge card manufacturers abide by such qualities to produce them. Apart from such attributes, it is advisable to look at the metrics based on which the solutions provider delivers the products.

For instance, the Nilson Report is one of the most trusted sources for the card and payment industry. It is best to assess the providers’ reputation and quality measurements by checking if the report has mentioned them in the past.

Since recharge cards include a critical financial value, it is advisable to go with manufacturers pivotal in leading scratch card technologies. For instance, Workz has remained one of the top contenders in leading recharge card printing with custom-build web-based press transforming raw material or paper into a stellar product within seconds.

For recharge cards to be successful, cost and operational efficiency are also crucial. Hence, it is essential to consider the time taken for production and printing while selecting a recharge card manufacturer.


In present times the only product that has more demand than a recharge card is a water sachet. Mobile recharge vouchers have become a necessity as these are essential for fostering telecommunication and internet browsing. Since scratch cards are so important, this post outlined the key elements of making them secure and viable. Incorporate the tips outlined in the article to enhance your understanding of new-age recharge cards and find the right printing solutions provider.


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