Feeling bored at home? Missing Sports and Outdoor Games?

Yes! Of course, we all are feeling bored nowadays because we are locked in our homes due to the covid-19 pandemic what to do at home if we feel bored and have no opportunity to outside and play any game.

Every problem has its solution. Don’t panic. If you can not go outside and play, just bring the fun inside your house. Yep! We are talking about one of the best ways to enjoy sports and watch it on your android devices anytime and anywhere.

Let’s talk about how you can watch the sports on your android devices live. Many of us use Mobile T.V. apps to watch television on our mobile devices, and many of us also use Amazon Prime, Netflix, MX player, Hotstar to watch movies and Web series.

Still, most of us have thought there’s no option to watch Sports Live on your android devices when it comes to sports. But my friends, you are simply thinking wrong because now we can stream live sports like Cricket, Football, Kabaddi, and many such games on smartphones live.

We all know one of India’s favorite sports that we Indians love to watch is the IPL (Indian Premier League) is going to start. So how can we watch the whole IPL on our mobile phones? Is there any option so? The answer is Yes, we can now watch the whole IPL live on our mobile phones, android, IOS, Tablets, Laptops, and many such devices.

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You just need a good internet connection and an android or IOS device to watch it live. You can use any mobile devices or even Televisions with a Wi-Fi connection and need the internet. Got set up with your internet? Good! There are many apps like Hostar, Sony liv, where you can easily watch any sport and the most interesting part is you can watch it live and anytime, i.e., 24×7 in a day.

Steps To Follow

If you have never watched Live Sports on your mobile phones, you are at the right place wherefrom the starting till the point you do not watch the Sports on your device, stay with us and follow the steps given below.

Step 1: If you have an android phone, go to the Google Play Store.

Step 2: Now search for any of these apps ( Hotstar, Sony Liv, Jio TV, Stream TV, etc.)

Step 3: Download the app.

Step 4: Once your app is installed, just open that app and then Sign Up by adding the necessary details.

Step 5: Once you are signed up on the top, you will get a search bar to enter any sports you want to watch, like (live cricket). If you don’t want to type, just speak it up, you will also get to see a mike right next to the search bar.

Step 6: Now, many streaming live sports channels will open your device where you can choose the channel you want to watch. Choose the channel you want to watch and Ta-da! You are watching your favourite sports online and live.

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You know these apps have many more features except then watching live streaming sports; some of these features are you can invite your friends, family members, and you on these apps where you can also chat and share any kind of messages with them while watching the whole match.

One of the best things about these apps is avoiding ads( we all feel irritated!) by skipping these ads. On television, we all face the same problem that we cannot skip the ad, and as we all know, as one over is finished, these television start showing the ads and of course we cannot do anything except changing the channel.

You may also use an add-on of the Kodi software to stream live sports providing you with various options to choose from. If it so happens that you run into any problems this page by TechWhoop can help you sort that problem out and let you stream live sports on your device non-stop.

So I hope you guys got a lot of information about the live streaming of sports. For more such information, stay tuned with us.

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