How to use eCheck in online casinos?

How to use eCheck in online casinos?
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Payment methods are one of the most reviewed themes regarding online casinos. The reason is that many people wonder which are the best ways to manage money within online casino sites or applications. 

Most legitimate casinos have many payment methods to allow customers to decide which fits them best. Debit cards, credit cards, or even prepaid cards from Visa and MasterCard are the most used methods among online casino regulars. 

However, what happens if you do not have a debit or credit card or just do not want to use it on an online gambling site? Which other options for depositing money on your online casino account are available?

The rising popularity of eCheck

Fortunately, almost every trustworthy casino has many options regarding money depositing, allowing customers to pick which one fits best for them. 

One of the payment methods that is gaining popularity among online casinos is eChecks. Although in the past, this was not the most common way of depositing money into an online casino account, it has been increasing recently.

Many online casino regulars opt for eCheck to make their deposits because it is one of the safest ways to do it. When using eCheck, you can avoid introducing your debit or credit card information online, making depositing money safer.

How does eCheck work?

If you have never heard about eCheck, in this article, you will find all the information about what it is about and how to use it to deposit money on an online casino site.

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Let us start by defining eCheck. It’s a digital version of the traditional check. eChecks work through Automated Clearing House (ACH) to be debited from your account, though it is faster than the traditional check.


It is different from credit or debit card interchange because using ACH has cheaper fees, reducing the transaction costs significantly, especially when talking about big figures.

The downside of eChecks is that it takes some time to process, which is not an instant depositing method. It can take three to 5 days for the online casino site or application to process your payment. Keep in mind and plan your deposits to see the money on your account.

Many online casinos have a fee for this payment method. In most cases, the fee is 4.5 % of the deposit for processing costs. Reading the terms and conditions and the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) is recommended to understand how the site works with every payment method fully.

Finally, yet importantly, when using eCheck, it is unlikely to get special bonuses. Most casinos have payment method-related bonuses that can be quite convenient. Gamblers that use cryptos, for example, get access to the best bonuses related to them. 

Nevertheless, you can still get other types of bonuses when using eCheck, such as welcome, rebates, or any other not associated with a specific payment method.

Which online casinos accept eCheck?

Even though more and more online casinos are accepting eCheck as a payment method, a few are still not taking it yet. 

To know whether you can use eCheck at your favorite gambling site, you must check the cashier section, also known as the banking section. If eCheck appears on the list, you can pick it as a payment method.

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If you are having trouble finding an online casino that takes eCheck, we recommend searching for it online. Many online reviews about online casino payment methods will lead you to a list of the legitimate casinos that accept eCheck.

Once you find a list of casinos that take eCheck, you need to ensure that they are recommended reputable casinos with a long and well-known trajectory in the business. By doing so, you will avoid undesired experiences and let yourself enjoy hours of entertainment.  

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