How To Utilize Your Video Brochure

 How To Utilize Your Video Brochure

Thinking about adding video brochures to your marketing collateral? They’re a unique tactic to target customers that matter. And you can get them sent directly to your customer’s door. But how can you use them to your advantage?

Video brochures can be used in several ways. No matter your industry, you can utilize video brochures in a way that will reach your ideal customer. They’re portable, rechargeable and highly effective. If you want to try something different, video brochures are a way to go.

From house tours to staff training, this article will look into the different ways you can maximize the benefits out of video brochures.

Staff Training

One way to get use out of your video brochure is staff training. Videos can be the perfect tool for explaining information and keeping someone’s attention. Add that video to a brochure, and you have a portable, attention-grabbing training kit that can be accessed and watched without the internet.

This is perfect for construction sites with bad signals and no access to the internet or for training engineers underground. It can also be a lot cheaper to send a video brochure out to train remote staff instead of flying out a group of employees.

Welcome Videos

Introduce your brand in an innovative way with a video brochure. This can help capture your audience’s attention in a way they’re not used to, making a bigger impact. From introductions to brand discovery’s, video brochures can be used as a way to reach new customers. You could also use them as a way to welcome new employees to the company.

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Video brochures are also popular for school, college and university open days for students to take home and learn more about the institution.

House Tours

Are you an estate agent looking for a unique way to promote your latest properties? Make your video house tours that extra bit special by including them in a video brochure. These can be viewed by multiple people at once, with options to change the video to keep up with new listings.

You can also house up to two hours’ worth of video which is plenty of time to showcase your range of properties and introduce yourselves as a company.

How-To Guides

Video brochures are a great way to offer useful information to your customers. You can use them as helpful ‘how to’ guides explaining how to use your product or service. By including valuable information, it’s more likely that your customer will share the brochure with friends and family and remember you as a brand to buy from in the future. Guides are also a lot easier to follow with a video accompanying written instructions.


Testimonials can be a really powerful marketing tool. Add them to a video brochure, and you have an incredibly impressive bit of marketing. It’s useful to hear from real customers that are pleased with your product or services and can be a really persuasive video to show to potential customers. Traditional brochures can be lengthy to read, so using videos instead helps obtain your audience’s attention for longer.

Product Explanations

If you have a product that is hard to explain, such as pharmaceutical medicines and treatments, words on a page can be confusing and boring.

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Video is a great way to maintain an audience’s attention, especially for products like this. You can explain serious or complicated products in an exciting and engaging way instead of lengthy documents.

Excite Your Audience in a Unique Way

Video brochures are a great marketing tool for brands to use to get themselves out there and, more importantly, get noticed.

From estate agents to pharmaceutical companies, a lot of industries can utilize video brochures in a variety of ways, so why not try a few of our ideas out to see which brings the most custom?

With two hours’ worth of video available, you can get a lot out of using a video brochure as a marketing tool. So, if you’re wanting to add video to your marketing (which you should do if you haven’t already!) adding these to a brochure can be another extra step you can take to get yourselves out there in a unique way.

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