How Will NetSuite Impact Businesses in 2021?

How Will NetSuite Impact Businesses in 2021?

The pandemic in 2020 has shown a drastic shift in how businesses function. The switch to remote work required improvisation on how to manage teams and tasks from a distance, and adaptation to the new world became necessary for the survival of any company. Businesses thus became increasingly reliant on technology and faced the need to upgrade to more advanced systems to both improve communication and streamline business functions for greater efficiency. And it has become clear that this change is not temporary. Most employees expect a hybrid system of work going forward, even after the danger has been mitigated, and thus many changes introduced over the past year should be considered long term.

Facing such a scenario made it necessary for businesses to use tools to help them adapt. The NetSuite ERP is one such tool, due to its ability to streamline all work processes, making management of both the companies and teams much easier in the current scenario. NetSuite’s impact on businesses in 2021 is especially significant considering the current circumstances, as its functions assist in changing how businesses operate. What has made it even more suited to help companies adapt in the current climate are the NetSuite Customization Services, which address each business individually so ensure that the system can be adapted to meet their specific needs of what they need to cope with the pandemic. General changes that NetSuite has made for businesses which will likely continue to have an impact after the situation improves are:

Greater Visibility for all Employees

One impact NetSuite has on businesses is the change in how employees can function within the company. It gives workers across the business greater visibility, increasing their ability to work more productively and autonomously. Through the use of this ERP, all employees have access to necessary data no matter where their location, allowing them to work swiftly. This feature decreases dependency on other members of the company and eliminates the constant need to be present in an office to be able to complete tasks. NetSuite has also created a virtual workspace where the same data is accessible by everyone, not only creating a seamless workflow but providing a platform for increased productivity. These features can boost any business trying to overcome the obstacles brought about in 2021 and create a system to be utilized even when remote work is not a necessity.

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Better Human Resource Management

Human Resources is the backbone of any company, and necessary for its survival. The smooth functioning of any HR department is even more important as companies are shifting to different frameworks, ensuring that the employees face an easy transition, and company productivity doesn’t suffer as a consequence to the aforementioned changes. NetSuite assists HR in performing its functions in two ways. Firstly, it automates processes such as collection and organization of data, enables easier management of training and development, permits more efficient organization of HR activities and so forth. It not only makes for a better functioning HR team, automatically meaning an increase in employee morale, but also requires less resources for menial tasks, allowing HR to focus on the human side of the company. Secondly, a NetSuite system allows for self-servicing for the employees, which combined with the easier management of data allows for HR processes to be completed remotely, eliminating the need to constantly physically meet at the office to manage such tasks. Thus, throughout 2021 and even after, NetSuite is serving to remake HR departments creating ease for businesses everywhere.

Overcoming Borders

2021 has seen great difficulties with travelling. Considering travel bans, quarantine requirements, and health risks, travelling regularly for any purpose has become all but impossible. NetSuite assists companies operating in multiple locations coping with this through not only better communication but also the ability to manage data and operations from a single place. This system not only makes remote work viable for the future, but will also continue to assist businesses when restrictions are lifted, reducing the time, effort and resources expended when previously physical travel was necessary.

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In conclusion, NetSuite has multiple functions to assist businesses operating remotely in 2021. However, the greater impact of these will continue and provide for ease in business processes in the future.

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