6 Tips On How To Increase Immunity In Kids In 2022

6 Tips On How To Increase Immunity In Kids In 2022

As kids spend a significant amount of time in school, schools in Gurgaon have started focusing on improving kids’ immunity. Teachers and parents understand that a strong immune system in kids has become a great concern. Various research studies and pediatricians suggest tips to increase a child’s immunity. Some of them are listed below:

#1. Colourful dietary plate

It is important to have a colourful plate with green leafy vegetables, citrus fruits, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, cruciferous vegetables, and deeply hued berries. This not only acts as the best immune booster for kids but also helps them to get much-needed nutrients. For an immune system to be strong, a nutritious diet with essential vitamins and minerals is a must. Also, excess consumption of packaged foods can negatively affect the immune system.

#2. Good gut

A good gut constitutes a major part of the immune system. If you are thinking of how to increase the immune system in kids, you should pay close attention to the functioning of gut health. Thus, a diet high in fiber, prebiotics, and probiotics can act as kids’ immunity booster. An example of this would be serving foods such as bananas, whole-grain bread, and yoghurt. You can also add honey or berries for natural sweetness.

#3. Healthy sleep

A healthy and adequate sleep would help boost a child’s immunity. Various studies have found that sleep deprivation can suppress the immune system. You can create a healthy sleep environment by focusing on the bedroom stage with a comfortable temperature and adequate light. A stimulus-free environment such as the prohibition of the screen before a few hours of sleeping can ensure good sleep quality.

#4. Activeness is the key

For a child, especially a child with a weak immune system, it is necessary to be active. Exercise or just playing are considered among the best movements of the body. Better the movements, better would be the immune system. At the same time, the child should be provided with breaks or rest equivalent to the body movements.

#5. Manage stress wisely

Stress affects adults and children’s health equally. If you or your child faces chronic stress, regulating normal inflammatory responses would be difficult that negatively affects the immune system. Children with high psychological stress can experience depressed immunity.

#6. Quit smoking

If you are thinking of how to boost toddler immune system for day care, check your habits that may harm them. A parent’s healthy habits are clearly reflected in the toddler’s habits. Good eating, quality sleep, and exercising will be failures as boosters if any of the parents have a smoking habit. Smoking releases harmful toxins in the environment that can worsen the child’s immunity and lead to respiratory infections. Thus, quitting smoking is also a way to increase a child’s immunity.

Final words

Boosting the immune system at an early stage of life can help the body combat different infections and diseases. Schools like Pragyanam School are continuously focusing on creating a healthy environment for children to help them in stress management.


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