Integrate a Delivery Scheduler to your Logistics Startup

Integrate a Delivery Scheduler to your Logistics Startup

For any eCommerce business, deliveries are one of the most important crucial factors.

A report by PCA says that eCommerce retailers in the US lost around $216,171 annually. Well, that’s the tip of the iceberg. In an era where lightning speed delivery is a norm, last-minute delivery has become necessary for the companies, especially logistics. They constantly have to manage and make last-minute deliveries practical and profitable.

That can be tedious for a logistics startup like yours if you have a large volume of delivery. However, a Magento 2 delivery date extension can streamline your business operations. Let’s see how:

1. Real-time Visibility

Limited visibility is the biggest challenge for logistics businesses. On top of that, offline data management makes it hard to track and optimize operations.

That’s when a Magento 2 estimated delivery date extension could prove beneficial.

Let’s say you have a wholesale t-shirt business and have to ship the bulk order. A retailer received the dispatch notification. However, they want to know the exact location of the order. In that case, a delivery scheduler can help them provide order visibility. With real-time tracking, retailers can know the exact location of the shipment. You, on the contrary, could track and get accurate driver data from the system. You can receive detailed information like total distance traveled and time is taken for deliveries. This would then remove the chances of manipulation as traditionally drivers did for reimbursement.

Customers would know when the order will be delivered and plan their order fulfillment in Canada accordingly.

Besides, drivers can take the privilege of real-time tracking and take the shortest route possible.

2. On-time Delivery

High-performing supply chains show above-average revenue. But how do you end-up with it? Significantly when the demand for same-day and next-day delivery is increasing. Scheduling order is a key solution. The better you understand your resource allocation, the deeper the planning of your order and delivery processing will be.

Here’s how a delivery date scheduler would help you with on-time delivery.

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First, your customers would be able to check if delivery services are available for their area. They can verify it through their Pincode before order purchasing. When a purchase is made, customers can select their delivery date and time. It would ensure that they receive the order on time. Besides, it would save your delivery person a lot of time, and fuel, of course.

They would know when they have to deliver the consignment and by what time. Overall, it would help reduce time delays by showing you the congestion or the loggerheads in between.

3. Better Risk Management and Transparency

Won’t you be happy to know the exact time of order delivery? What if you ordered apparel for a party and you know it would arrive by 10 am on the day of the party? You would be so excited. Now imagine, you couldn’t get it delivered on time. It would result in a loss of trust. The transparency that the e-store bragged about will be considered a mirage. It can be the same for your business too.

Failure of on-time delivery and transparency would be a loss for your business, worst if you’re a startup. Startups need to build brand and transparency to get more traction. As for a logistics startup, a Magento 2 delivery date extension could do the trick. With features like countdown timer, auto shipping charge calculation, restricted delivery option, date and time schedule, you can manage your logistic business and enhance business transparency. Same-day/next-day deliveries estimated delivery by deducting the holidays (if any) would help you determine the orders that can be shipped later or canceled. You can identify if workers’ hours can be reduced or which supplies need to be used first.

4. Less Overhead

A great solution is one that gets the work done on time – nothing early, nothing late. This balance is vital as it reduces overhead and results in fewer stockouts.

And when we talk about a business like logistics, whose sole purpose is delivery, a small hike in the fuel price could affect it largely. Hence, you should have a Magento 2 estimated delivery date extension. It would allow you to configure date and time along with custom messages. You can select your shipping method so that there is less overhead.

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Besides, you can let customers choose the date and/or time for the delivery or when not to deliver. It would ensure that your delivery person doesn’t end up wasting time and fuel. They would be automatically notified of the delivery time and thus can plan their order delivery accordingly.

The features like “select/ edit delivery date and time, manage order processing time, holidays and undeliverable dates, restrict shipping partners, and daily order limit” would help save a lot of time and money.

5. Better Data Insights

If you’re a logistics startup, you must have a solution that handles all the business processes and provides intelligent insights about it. Like how many orders are fulfilled in a day, consignments completed, orders received, orders in transit, and so on.

If you don’t have one to track every delivery process, you must go for it. Magento 2 delivery date extension has an intelligent dashboard where you can view all your order delivery operations in graphs and reports.

You can identify which processes are working, which consignment took longer, the total expenses incurred in a specific consignment, and more.

It would offer you data that would, in turn, help you make a sure well-informed decision.

Wrapping Up

Starting a logistics business is like heading out for delivery. You need to have the optimized route, proper information, along with a vehicle that would help you deliver on time. A delivery scheduler can be your vehicle to customer satisfaction. It can help you reach new heights, drive sales, and attract more customers.



A delivery date scheduler can provide logistics startups with real-time visibility, fewer expenses, on-time delivery, and more


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