Introduction to Key Opinion Leaders & NetBase Quid’s Services

Introduction to Key Opinion Leaders & NetBase Quid’s Services

Key Opinion Leaders or KOLs should not be confused with influencers. Not all influencers are KOLs and not all KOLs are influencers. Nonetheless, like influencers, KOLs have a tremendous impact on consumer behavior. Below is information about KOLs, how a business can use them to generate digital growth, and how KOL-related tools can be employed to turn data into actionable insights. There is also information about the consumer and market intelligence platform NetBase Quid and how its services can connect a business to Key Opinion Leaders, helping it achieve its goals.

Who are Key Opinion Leaders?

KOLs are subject matter experts who are regarded by many as reputable and reliable. They can be professors, scientists, researchers, medical professionals, activists, politicians, financial consultants, or artists, or designers. They can also be people who have built a substantial following online such as makeup, fashion, and fitness gurus and technology reviewers. Many KOLs have online platforms and use social media, but some do not. For example, there are KOLs who will only relay their opinions via traditional outlets like corporate news and radio stations. KOLs who have online platforms and are digital influencers can fall under different categories based on their level of influence; these categories range from ‘nano,’ which is comprised of influencers who have 1,000-10,000 followers on a specific platform, up to elite or ‘mega,’ which is comprised of influencers who have a million or more followers.

How Can a Business Use Key Opinion Leaders to Achieve Digital Growth?

There are many ways KOLs can help a business achieve digital growth. When a business uses a KOL to advertise, the KOL’s reputation and knowledge help paint the product or service being promoted in a good light. KOLs who utilize social media can attract a population of consumers who, because they trust the KOL, are truly interested in whatever they are advertising; after attracting this population of consumers, KOLs can refer them to a specific business, helping that business gain online attention and generate a substantial amount of digital purchases.

How Can KOL-Related Tools Be Used to Turn Data into Actionable Insights?

There are many KOL-related tools, offered by analytics companies, that a business can take advantage of to transform data into actionable insights. There are ranking tools that take into account profile data for a list of KOLs and rank them based on their performance and set of customizable factors; these tools allow a business to identify the KOLs who can help them achieve their goals. There are also mapping tools that display the networks and connections of a particular KOL; these tools assist a business in their search for other suitable KOLs. Additionally, there are screening tools that provide a business with information about any violations a KOL has committed; these tools can help a business assess the reputation of a specific KOL and determine whether or not they want to work with him or her.

NetBase Quid

NetBase Quid is a consumer and market intelligence platform that provides social media analytics services. These services can help a business identify and monitor KOLs who are able to drive engagement. Click here to learn more about NetBase Quid’s products and services.



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