What is IOC in share market and why does it matter?

What is IOC in share market and why does it matter?

What is IOC?

Immediate / Cancel order is abbreviated as IOC. It is only one of the several kinds of orders that a trader may submit on the stock market. With IOC, the trader instructs a broker that when it is published to the market, stocks should be bought or sold right away, and if they aren’t, the order will be cancelled even without the investor’s involvement.

The length of time the order will be present in the market is determined by the investors as it is the duration order. IOC is indeed a zero-duration order since there is virtually no delay between when the order is placed and when it is executed.

For instance, Mr. A places a Market IOC order for 1000 stocks of XYZ Ltd. for Rs. 100 apiece. Only 200 stocks are readily available for Rs. 100/-/ throughout this scenario as when it is submitted, hence 200 shares would be purchased as well as the market IOC request for the other 800 shares would be instantly cancelled.

Why is an IOC required?

For the aforementioned purposes, an IOC ought to be used:

  • To make a significant purchase without affecting pricing.
  • To put a sizable purchase that could be fulfilled in many installments
  • When making several orders and unable to keep track of each deal

Using IOC, flexibility

The IOC orders may be made by any investor like an order book or even a limit order:

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Whenever an investor makes a stop order, they may specify a precise price during which they wish to purchase or sell certain scrip rather than having their shares sold or bought at the current market price.

The IOC order goes into effect when.

When you wish to make a large order but avoid influencing the markets, the IOC order works best. Long-term open orders, particularly big ones with low-output goods, may affect the price. Because of the partial completion facility as well as the short duration of the IOC order, it is a flexible choice.

Why IOC Orders Are Beneficial to Investors

You should be familiar with the stock market’s fundamentals to properly comprehend the IOC order. Once you’ve decided to invest in stocks, you must first create free trading. When you begin investing, however, the true adventure will begin.

Therefore, you may place a purchase or sale order as soon as you register an online trading & Demat account. There is no assurance that your purchase will be fulfilled, however.

There could be discrepancies in the number of people wanting to purchase or sell the stock overall. Therefore, you might wait for such an IOC order to just be fulfilled when you place a purchase order & there aren’t that many sellers available. There will be a tonne of open opportunities after this waiting period. It could be complicated and challenging for you to keep track of this. So, after placing the IOC orders, you won’t have to bother about constantly monitoring market changes.


IOC order may be quite effective if applied properly. It is not necessary to maintain track of the progress of several IOC guidelines over a long period. You may establish a Trading & Demat Account to begin trading using IOC orders. What is PE Ratio? Return on Investment Pricing or Ratio to Earnings, The multiple is the relationship between a stock’s stock price and its profits per share (EPS). Among the most used methods for valuing companies is the PE ratio. It shows if a stock is costly or affordable at the present market price.

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