Is Norton Antivirus Plus Good Enough – Putting to test

Is Norton Antivirus Plus Good Enough – Putting to test

Norton is a well-established antivirus brand and deals in softwares aimed to protect devices against both online and offline threats. Norton Antivirus Plus is one of these anti-malware softwares that you can get with Norton. Here, we are going to do a Norton Antivirus Plus review for finding whether this software can secure you or not.

A brief to Norton Antivirus Plus

Norton Antivirus Plus is one of the basic protection software that you can find with Norton. It is an upgraded version of Norton Antivirus Basic and provides a lot more tools as compared to that. The basic function of this software is to protect the devices against malware and other threats. Apart from this, it can also perform a lot of additional tasks for the user.

Real Protection Real Attributes of Norton Antivirus Plus

Real Protection

Features that a user can enjoy with Norton Antivirus Plus are:

  • Real-time threat protection: Norton uses multi-layered AI (Artificial Intelligence) and machine learning technology. This technology helps it in protecting users against both existing and emerging threats when they go online. In this way, it protects users against malware, spyware, and ransomware attacks and helps in keeping their data secure.
  • Smart Firewall: When you are online, your computer contacts hundreds of other computers for solving your queries. With the smart firewall, Norton monitors all the data send and received from your computers. If it finds any kind of suspicious traffic, it blocks that for keeping your data secure.
  • Cloud Backup: There are very few antivirus platforms that offer cloud storage. Norton Antivirus Plus offers 2GB cloud storage and this is enough for keeping some of your important files safe.
  • Password Manager: Norton Antivirus Plus provides an important tool named Norton Password Manager. This tool helps users in setting strong and complex passwords. You can also store these passwords in an online vault and can access them anytime from anywhere.
  • 100% assured virus removal: Norton promises users to remove any kind of virus from their device. You can contact Norton Experts through call and they will help you in removing the virus from your device. If they fail in doing the same then you will be entitled to get a 100% refund. However, for accessing this function, you need to have an automatic renewing subscription to Norton Antivirus Plus.
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These are the major features that Norton Antivirus Plus provides to a user.

Is Norton Premium Antivirus safer to use?

Every antivirus software claims to be very secure but there are many incidents where these claims proved to be false. And for checking the genuineness of Norton Antivirus Plus, we took the help of AV-Test.

In this test, Norton secured full points out of the maximum of 18 points and was designated as Top Product. This proves that Norton Antivirus Plus is secure and can protect you against malware. You will lot of fuss regarding the comparison of Norton Products and mostly Norton 360 Deluxe vs bitdefender Total security, but Norton have own class and provide greater security to users.

In how many devices can Norton Antivirus Plus be used?

Most of the Norton softwares support multi-device usage. However, the Norton Antivirus Premium can only be used in a single device. Moreover, it doesn’t work on phones and can only be used on Desktops i.e. Android, and Mac.

Norton Antivirus Plus: Pros. and Cons.

Undoubtedly, Norton Antivirus Plus is adequate for protecting devices against malware attacks. It is also certified by AV-Test as one of the Top Products. It assures to completely remove viruses from the user’s device and also provides cloud storage for securing files. Apart from having this much positive points, there are some areas too where this software lacks and that is:

  • Doesn’t support multiple devices: One of the major drawbacks of Norton Antivirus Plus is that it supports only one device. If you want protection only for 2 devices, you cannot use this software. Additionally, it only works in Windows and Mac which means you cannot use it on phones.
  • Doesn’t Secure Webcam: Many spyware acts happen through a webcam so it is important to secure it. Norton Antivirus Plus assures to provide complete device security but doesn’t secure the webcam. The option of securing a webcam is available with other Norton products like Norton 360 Deluxe.
  • 100% protection promise: It provides a 100% guarantee of removing viruses from your device or promises to provide a 100% refund. However, this promise is only provided to people who have opted for an automated renewal subscription.
  • Pricing: Price is the first thing that we look at while buying any product. The pricing of this software is very high if compared to the other Norton 360 softwares. In addition to that, this software can only be used on one device.
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Final Thoughts

There is no doubt that Norton Antivirus Plus can secure you against malware, ransomware, and other cyber-attacks. In addition to that, it also provides a lot of amazing tools but lacks SafeCam. So, if you want to secure one device then you can use this software. However, if you want features like SafeCam and VPN then you can use its alternatives like Bitdefender.

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