Latest Cricket Match in India: wins & defeats

Latest Cricket Match in India: wins & defeats
Latest Cricket Match

Cricket is a popular outdoor game in India, and as a result, many cricket matches keep on happening. Both national and international tournaments like ODIs, T-20, Tests, IPL, and other national level tournaments are being held yearly.

Therefore, in India, cricket is perhaps the most dominant and popular game. In every corner and street of the country, cricket is sometimes played just for fun and mostly by passion and love for this game.

To talk about the latest cricket match in India, yes, there was a Test, T-20, and ODI series being held in India between India and England. A few days back, New Zealand versus India ODI series was being held in New Zealand. However, the last ODI match was held back in March before the lockdown between India and England.

Test Series from 5th February to 8th March 2021

India played 5 test matches held from 5th February 2021 to 8th March 2021 against England. The matches were held in M. A. Chidambaram Stadium Chennai, Tamil Nadu and Narendra Modi Stadium, Ahemdabad Gujarat.

England won the first Test out of 4 test matches by 277 runs, and Joe Root of England became the “Player of the Match” by scoring 218 runs.  India won the second test match by 317 runs. Ravichandran Ashwin of India scored 161, the highest run of the match and hence, grabbed the “player of the match” title.  India again won the third match by 10 wickets, with Axar Patel being the player of the match by taking down the highest numbers of wickets. India also won the final and the fourth match by an innings and 25 runs. Rishabh Pant became the player of the match by scoring 101 runs.

India won the series, and Ravichandran Ashwin of the Indian team won the “Player of the Series” title.

5 T-20 matches from 12th March 2021 to 20th March 2021

Another latest match in India was India versus England T-20 matches held in Narendra Modi Stadium, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, from 12th to 20th March 2021.

England won the first match held in 12th March by 8 wickets. Jofra Archer of England became the player of the match by taking the highest wickets. The second match was held on 14th March 2021, and India won the toss and decided to bowl. England had 167 runs as the target, but they could score only 164 runs, and India won the match by 7 wickets, and Ishan Kishan became the player of the match.

The third match was held on 16th March 2021,and England won the toss and decided to bowl. India made 156 runs in 20 overs, but England won the match in 18.2 overs only by 8 wickets.  Jos Butler of England became the player of the match by making 83 runs in 52 balls.

The fourth match was played on 18th March 2021, and England chose to bowl by winning the toss. India scored 185 runs in 20 overs. However, England was unable to reach the target as they scored only 177 runs in 20 overs. India won the match, and Suryakumar Yadav of India became the player of the match by scoring 57 runs in just 31 balls.

The fifth match was played on 20th March, in which again England decided to bowl after winning the toss. India gave 225 runs as the target to England and England and scored only 188 runs in 20 overs; hence, India won the match by 36 runs.

India won the series, and Virat Kohli was given the title “player of the Series” for playing nicely and for being able leadership.

India Vs. England ODI series 23rd to 28th March 2021

Talking about the latest cricket match in India, from 23rd to 28th March 2021, a three-day ODIs was held at Maharashtra Cricket Association Stadium in Mumbai, India.

Day 1

On day 1, 23rd March 2021, England won the toss and decided to bowl. So, India had to bat first, and they scored 317 runs in 50 overs with five wickets down. The runs of only 317 in 50 overs did not seem to be enough, though. Shikhar Dhawan nearly hit the century by scoring 98 runs in 106 balls, while KL Rahul and Krunal Pandya contributed 62 runs in 43 balls and 58 runs in 31 balls, respectively.

Now England had 318 as the target. They, too, had a good line up and Jonny Bairstow scored 94 runs in 66 balls. Jason Roy made 46 runs in 35 balls, Moeen Ali scored 30 in 37 balls, respectively. However, their all wickets were down by 42.1 overs, and they could gather only 251 runs till 42.1 overs.

Therefore, India won the match by 66 runs and got the leads by 1-0. Sikhar Dhawan was recognized as the “Player of the Match” for scoring the highest number of runs that day.

Day 2

26th March 2021, the second match of India versus England ODI was again held at the same stadium. This time also England won the toss and decided to bowl. Tough India played this match a little bit well than the previous one, and they still lost it. Emerging superstar batsman KL Rahul hit beyond the century by scoring 108 runs in 114 balls. While Rishabh Pant scored 77 runs in 40 balls, Virat Kohli scored 66 runs in 79 balls. The six players could score a total of 336 runs in 50 overs with six wickets down.

However, England played much better than before, and Jonny Baristow also hit beyond the century by scoring magnificent 124 runs in 112 balls. Ben Stokes and Jason Roy scored 99 runs in 52 balls and 55 runs in 52 balls. England reached the target in just 43.3 overs by scoring 337 and 4 wickets down.

England won the match by six wickets, and Jonny Baristow of England grabbed the “Player of the Match” title for scoring 124 runs in just 112 balls.

Day 3

The final ODI match was held on 28th March 2021 at the same stadium in Mumbai. In this match, also England won the toss and decided to bowl. India scored 329 runs in 48.2 overs, with the highest scorers being Rishabh Pant 78 runs in 62 balls, Shikhar Dhawan 67 in 56 balls, and Hardik Pandya 64 in 44 balls.

However, India won the match by seven runs as England could score 322 runs in 50 overs. Sam Curran made 95 runs in 83 balls and became the “Player of the Match”.

Therefore, India won this ODI series by winning two matches out of three. Jonny Bairstow of the England team grabbed the “Player of the Series” title by scoring highly in two matches.


India is still playing ODI against Sri Lanka, which is going on in Sri Lanka. Team India stood victorious in all the matches against England and thus proved to be one of the world’s best cricket teams.


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