Launch the thriving Tinder clone app in the marketplace and witness profits

Launch the thriving Tinder clone app in the marketplace and witness profits

Time has changed so far. Over the last decade, the demand for online dating apps has surged. A casual hookup solely relies on the swipes on a dating app like Tinder. It was launched in 2012 and available only on iOS at the initial stage. Later, it became available on Android and web versions. Initially, its value proposition was a double opt-in system that will allow the users to connect and chat depending on the swipe. In a short duration, it incorporates more features and becomes a sensation with over 50 million users. There is no ideal time to plunge into this remunerative industry with the Tinder clone app. Read on this blog to get insightful information.

Let’s look deeper into the success formula of Tinder:

Even though there are many dating apps in the market, Tinder becomes more famous and gains profit. Let’s have a closer look at the success formula of Tinder now.

  • Unique hybrid app

Tinder is a unique hybrid app that is a mixture of the traditional dating app and hookup apps. It has a swipe left and swift right option for profiles to find the perfect match. Similar to the Grindr app, Tinder also helps users to search for profiles using the geolocation system where the users can connect to nearby users. Features like these make this app different from other dating apps.

  • UX design

One primary success formula is Swipe that helps the users to get their match. Ideally, swiping left and right is fascinating as people spend hours on the app. Tinder has incorporated the double opt-in feature that eliminates the stress and anxiety among the users regarding the rejection.

  • Proximity feature
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This feature will allow the users to connect with other users in nearby proximity. It makes it more convenient for the users.

Consider the following customer development strategies to improve the app’s popularity

  • Efficient marketing
  • Build a new trend instead of following the existing one
  • Socially acceptable than other hookup and dating apps
  • Monetization techniques
  • Customer acquisition
  • Algorithm

There are many technical complexities behind the swipes concept. The matching algorithm in the Tinder app is unique compared to other dating apps. The app collects the basic information of a profile and shows suggested profiles based on their preferences.

Monetization strategies to consider while developing the Tinder clone app

First, you have to decide which monetization strategies to integrate into your Tinder clone app. Here are the four popular revenue-generating strategies followed by a dating app like Tinder.

  • In-app advertisements

At the initial stage, Tinder was launched as a free app and monetized using advertisements. Usually, ads bother the users as it is quite irritating. This makes the users choose the paid subscription plan. So, they can use the dating clone app without any interruptions like advertisements.

  • Subscription

As mentioned earlier, Tinder is a free launch and it turned out to be a freemium model in 2015. Users can access the special features when they subscribe to a plan like Tinder Plus or Tinder Gold. Some of the benefits of availing the subscription plans are unlimited swipes, undo the last swipe, and no advertisements.

  • Sponsored profiles

This model allows the collaborating corporations to advertise the products using Tinder’s familiar format. Advertisements are different from sponsorships. Sponsorships do not interrupt the users at any cost.

  • Paid standalone
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This model will allow the users to pay for a specific feature. One of such features is Boost and costs around $1.99 to $3.99. Other standalone features are pay for profile highlighter, pay for a direct message without a match, limit number of searches per day, and pay for a private chat.

Let’s have a glance to get concept ideas for developing the Tinder clone app

  • Frame a business plan

First, you should know about your target users and their preferences. Like, swiping is fun for users, which makes them spend more time on the app. Analyzing the current market helps to frame a successful business plan.

  • UI and UX design

The user interface plays a vital role in determining the app’s success. One of the ways to augment UI is by including additional visual elements that make the UI more appealing to the users. The prominent saying goes, the First impression is the best impression and it relates to apps also. The dating app has been judged based on the profile appearance. Tinder’s smart photo feature enhances the users’ chances to get a match based on their profile.

  • Matching algorithm

Tinder is slightly biased with women’s accounts. That is, women are more likely to receive higher rankings compared to men. You can even consider ranking the profiles based on other elements instead of gender.

  • Safety and security

Tinder requires a Facebook login for verifying an account. So, there is a chance of creating a false identity. Providing extra safety and security helps to create trust among the users. Make sure to eliminate the possibilities of spammers, scammers, fake accounts, catfishers, and uncensored content in the app.

Wrap up

Online dating apps remain popular in upcoming years also. This is a promising choice for entrepreneurs to get into this industry with the Tinder Clone app. Don’t know how to move to the next step with your idea? Reach out to the best app development company  and avail of  their Tinder Clone app development service.

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