AirG MiniMe – Call it a land of fun for kids

AirG MiniMe – Call it a land of fun for kids

The children of today are highly attracted to playing games and watching videos.

The number of children who are playing games online is increasing with every passing year. According to CNET, over 91 percent of children are gamers. And as per eMarketer, over 24.2 million kids under the age of 11 are watching digital content.

Considering we live in a highly digitalized world, where we rely on technology for almost all aspects of life, such a behavior pattern is predictable.

To ensure that your child is not exposed to the wrong type of content, it is imperative that you allow them to play games and watch kid-friendly videos. In our quest to find such a solution, we found AirG MiniMe.

Here are a detailed discussion and review regarding the platform.

What is AirG MiniMe?

AirG MiniMe is a kid-friendly platform that delivers educational games as well as videos for children. Rather than allowing your child to play games that serve no purpose in their cognitive development, AirG MiniMe instead only offers games that play a role in honing your child’s skills.

The same mission is also extended by the platform in the type of videos it delivers. Educational videos are available for children to watch, regardless of where they are.

In a world where most games require advanced gadgets and tools, the games in MiniMe are fairly straightforward and hence easy for young children to play.

About AirG

The platform is delivered by Unlimited Gamez and available on AirG.

AirG offers a wide variety of products to its customers, with hopes to inform, entertain, and connect them to one another. Its products are divided into games and chats.

The on-the-go chat products it offers are quite popular among the masses, due to how specific each of them is.

Rather than offering one solution for all, the company delivers specific chat apps for different purposes, whether it be on-the-go chatting with friends or connecting with like-minded people from the gaming world.  This includes apps like AirG Lifestyle Chat, AirG Gamers Chat, AirG Movies Chat, AirG Divas Chat, and AirG.

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Similarly, AirG offers different games as well, including Big Barn World, Harvest Frenzy, AirGames, and Atomic Dove.

While all these solutions are targeted towards an adult audience, AirG MiniMe is made explicitly for children.

AirG MiniMe: The Subscription Process

By subscribing to AirG MiniMe, users can get access to all the video content and educational games available on the platform, that too, for a very minimal cost. We found the subscription fee for the platform quite low compared to other similar platforms.

The exact cost will depend on where you reside, the prevailing currency, and hence is subject to variability.

You can subscribe to the platform by going to the subscription option within the menu of the website, and registering to become a subscriber.

MiniMe Games: What does it offer?

MiniMe Games offers the following features to all its users:

On the go Games

Whether it be long trips or a hectic day, children tend to get bored very easily and demand to be entertained. One of the best things about MiniMe is that it offers its content to its users, regardless of where they are.

However, this benefit comes with one disadvantage. Currently, the games offered can only be enjoyed on mobile phones. The service is not yet available on a desktop. So, for those of you who wish to easily monitor your children’s activity as they are playing games, this might get a little hard.

Highly Kid-Friendly

While MiniMe advertises itself to be suitable for all ages, the type of games and content, it has is surely best suited for children. Therefore, we found the game to be highly kid-friendly.

This doesn’t just translate into the type of games offered. Instead, the platform is built to not include any ads or in-app purchases as well. As we know how frequent it is for children to be duped into spending money on in-app purchases, this feature comes as a breath of fresh air.

Educational Games

Games available on the platform serve a purpose. Rather than promoting violence, each game in MiniMe is educational in nature. And some of these games are available for free, for you to try and gauge the platform by.

This includes Connect the Dots, Count Faster, Basketball Master, and World of Words. One of the games we found was the best for young children was Arty Mouse- Learn ABC, which provides a fun animated way for children to learn the alphabet of the English Language.

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MiniMe Videos: What does it offer?

Just like MiniMe games, MiniMe Videos, too, offer curated and kid-friendly content to its users. Here are some of the best features of the platform:

Unlimited Content

Upon subscription, the platform allows you to have continual access to all the videos available on the website. You can watch these videos, regardless of time and location. Additionally, there is no browsing limit to it.

However, one limitation of the platform is that it requires constant internet connectivity. Unless you are connected to cellular data, the videos won’t play. This is where AirG comes in handy.

Unlimited Devices

Just like MiniMe doesn’t limit the content it offers, it doesn’t restrict you to one type of device for watching the content. Instead, you can watch it on a wide variety of platforms, including iPhones, iPads, Airplay, Android devices, and Chrome Cast.

This means that whether you are going on a long adventure or a mere shopping run, as long as you have stable internet connectivity, MiniMe might be the ideal way to keep your kids busy and entertained.

Educational Content

The videos available on the platform aren’t just animated content aimed at entertaining kids. Instead, each of them serves the purpose of educating children and improving their mental, social, and physical development.

Each video is supported in various languages to cater to a wide audience. Additionally, a free sample series is also available on the website, called Mika’s Diary.

This animated TV show focuses on the life of Mikaela, also known as Mika. The young protagonist discovers how the world works and learns new things every day. And, by extension, the young audience of the show to discover the various things of life.

Ending Remarks

MiniMe is an excellent solution for young children. While the need for constant internet connectivity might hamper the experience at times, overall, the platform succeeds in delivering what it aimed to – providing a kid-friendly and education-centric solution for parents and children.

Give it a try and let us know if you share the same views!

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