Amazing Tips to Familiar With A Laptop Touchpad

Amazing Tips to Familiar With A Laptop Touchpad

Everyone focuses on knowing more deep insight into how to take extra care of the laptops to experience the best ever working. But, there is more than enough apart from this. So, today take a while to know more about your laptop’s touchpad. You can think that it is boring or just a normal part of technology. Commonly, most of the people considered that physical mouse can be a better choice. But, the touchpad can be way better than the physical mouse and have fast access. The touchpad has everything including scrolling, rotating, and zooming to control the gestures. Take a moment to learn more about the laptop’s touchpad. Here we’ve suggested some amazing tips and tricks about to give a deep insight into the laptop’s touchpad.

Touchpad Driver

As we know the driver is the sole component that represents the effective performance of the system. If you want to experience an effective performance ever then you should make sure that your drivers are always updated. The touchpad is way fast that physical mouse and offers many gestures to look around more effectively on your windows. As hardware equipment proper working requires upgraded drivers, similarly, upgraded drivers are also necessary for touchpad’s impeccable working. For this, you need to install touchpad driver.

Touchpad driver is the protocol that is used for translating every movement of the touchpad to the operating system in an easily understandable form. And in case if you have upgraded the touchpad driver still the issue remains the same. Then, you should try to reinstall the touchpad driver. Instead of using a manual update process, try to use the automatic update process. Because the automatic process updates every driver including broken, hidden, or missing drivers. This will also add more security patches to your system so you can be safe from all the threats.

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Disable/Enable Touchpad

You can lock your touchpad just by double tap on the left-most top corner of the touchpad. Individuals can be able to easily disable/enable the touchpad just by double-tapping. And just in case, if the touchpads disable/enable button doesn’t work properly then this issue is associated with the driver’s problem. If this issue arises that means you need to reinstall the touchpad drivers. For, this you can also use any of the free driver updaters. Completely free driver updater tool can help you in the driver updating process by updating all the outdated, broken, or hidden drivers automatically and frequently.

Gestures on Touchpad

Gestures are the signs which you make on your touchpad. The touchpad is a very efficient and sensitive computer part and if you don’t know how to use it properly, the touchpad can be a headache to use.


For scroll, the window, point two fingers on the touchpad and move horizontally and vertically.


The touchpad makes everything a bit easier and quicker. You can easily zoom in or out just by using a touchpad. For zooming, point two fingers on the touchpad and stretch in or out the fingers slightly.

See commands

Show more commands windows just by tapping the touchpad with two fingers. It is just similar to the right-clicking method. By tapping two fingers on the touchpad you can be able to see more gestures windows.

Drag & Drop Windows

With a touchpad, you can also be able to replace the windows from the menu bar. For this, you just need to point the cursor to that window that you want to move. And double-tap on the touchpad to drag & drop the window.

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Switching between open windows

For switching or rearranging between the open windows, you need to point three fingers on the touchpad and after that, just swipe left or right.

Back to Desktop

If you want to directly go back to the desktop then for this you need to point three fingers on the touchpad and swipe the fingers towards yourself.

Directly open Cortona

To open the Cortona directly without closing the windows, for this, you need to point three fingers on the touchpad and tap on it.

Action Center

If you want to open the action center, so for this, you need to tap on the touchpad with four fingers.

View Open Windows

For this, you need to point three fingers on the touchpad and move the fingers away from you.

Here, we conclude top-9 things that you should be familiar with to use touchpad like a pro. Touchpad reduces our efforts and gives us a feeling of using modern machinery. The touchpad is not for playing or for an amusing reason. These tricks can be a lot of helpful to you if you use them. These tricks are for a person who wants to do quick work with efficiency and in an effective manner.


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