5 awesome Gadgets for the Modern Gaming Nerds

5 awesome Gadgets for the Modern Gaming Nerds

Modern gaming is highly advanced and exciting. Thankfully, it has surpassed the need for a console or any type of hardware and given more options to passionate gamers.

The gaming industry has changed exceptionally due to advancements in technology. Today, more sophisticated gadgets are available to play games that have high-end graphics and quality special effects.

Today’s gamers have a wide variety of choices, in terms of the games, as well as gadgets. These high tech gadgets allow passionate gamers to take their play to the next level.

This blog mentions some of the best gadgets gifted to us by technology. These gadgets enable fast gameplay and bestow the gamer with an immersive experience.

A Gaming Laptop

Nothing takes gaming to another level, as a gaming laptop. These devices are crafted with gaming enthusiasts in mind and therefore live up to the hype.

While some people like setting up a gaming station, others love playing on a portable but reliable machine. The MSI GE75 Raider 9SF, in this case, is the perfect gaming laptop for you in 2020 and beyond. It has the latest 9th Gen Intel Core processor and a Windows OS.

Don’t miss out on this machine’s beautiful RGB keyboard and diamond-cut bezel design.

A Phone Fit for Gaming

Mobile gaming is a thing in 2020 and will continue to get more popular in the coming years. The worldwide gaming market was worth $152 billion in 2019, and 51% of this was coming from mobile games.

Therefore, mobile gaming nerds need a phone that can allow heavy games without being overwhelmed. Console games are great, but they do not bring versatility like a mobile game. With the rising popularity of online gaming platforms, the demand for high-end gaming smartphones is more than ever.

Today, most online platforms like Unlimited Games Mo allow users to play games on their smartphones against a small subscription fee. These mobile gaming platforms are also convenient for those gamers who do not want to invest a lot into gadgets.

Thus, a new line of smartphones has emerged to bring you high refresh rates, more touch sensitivity, and optimized performance. While you swipe and tap your way to victory, these machines will keep the action flowing with the help of a hi-pace processor. We have picked the top 5 gaming smartphones for you:

  • ASUS ROG Phone 2
  • iPhone 11 Pro Max
  • Xiaomi Black Shark 2 Pro
  • ZTE Nubia Red Magic

If you spend most of your time playing on a phone or tablet, you should get a controller. You read it right, a controller for smartphones and tablets. These ergonomically-shaped controllers give you maximum control of the phone or tablet and prevent slipping or sliding.

A VR Headset

Want to feel the human connection in a virtual world you love? Then it is time to invest in a Virtual Reality gaming headset. You will have the flexibility of looking, laughing, and connecting effortlessly through this fascinating device.

You can consider the oculus quest 2 lenses set that also enables your eyes to get included in the gameplay. It creates a solid two-way experience based on your real-time point of view. You feel immersed and more aware by each passing minute in the game.

For indulging in a solid field on a one-on-one style, you need a VR headset in your life. Many gaming companies now offer compatible machines that connect with most VR headsets.

A Wireless Keyboard

Who uses wired keyboards anymore? Just kidding, we know you are very specific about your gaming keyboard, so we will let you make the pick. If you maintain a distance from the display, you can get a wireless keyboard that will change your game.

Do not worry about poor battery or losing control because the wireless gaming keyboards are created with precision and accuracy as key features.

The Logitech K830 keyboard is a good candidate for this category. It comes with illuminated keyspaces and touchpad of your dreams. You can connect all devices using good old Bluetooth and navigate even if it is dark (that is how gamers like it).

It also pairs with a smart TV and enables multiplayer games. Apart from the usual features, you can control volume and navigate on the screen through this wireless keyboard.

A Gaming Headset

Plug in all your senses into your favorite game by wearing a gaming headset. MIONIX Nash is a stereo gaming headset that is here to take your gaming audio to the next level. It is better to invest in a circumaural headset for gaming as it covers more area and provides maximum comfort.

There is also the customization feature that lets you adjust the ear cups as you need. Nash is designed just in the same way to boost the volume during any game. You will feel even the most minor whoosh of your game as a sensory treat.

Final word

Getting your hands on these gadgets will go a long way in improving your overall gaming experience. However, you need to be quick, the gaming industry is evolving fast, and the gadgets that are in today might become obsolete tomorrow. So, get these gadgets today and take your gaming to the next level.

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