6 Best Data Recovery Software for PC

6 Best Data Recovery Software for PC

In this digital age data is everything. Whether it is the social media trendsetters like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, etc.  or scientific research conducted by Harvard, Stanford or even CERN itself. Storing and maintaining data is of prime importance. And this storing of data not only concerns big organizations but also small businesses and individuals. No one would want to lose all the pictures and the other data they gathered over the years. For a lot of people it would be a complete disaster. So in order to safely store it and so that people don’t lose it, the Recycle bin was created as a last resort for the purpose. Whatever you delete, whether it is a file, folder, program or even a document. You will find it all lying in the recycle bin waiting to be either permanently deleted or recovered to its original location. It is common knowledge and usually people are very careful while dealing with data in the recycle bin. But a lot of times important data also gets deleted and it is believed that now it is gone permanently. But there is still a chance to get it recovered. There are many data or file recovery software in the market that can do the job just fine and can help you get back your precious data. Here are 6 best data recovery software for PCs that you can use for yourself. Have a look:

Best Data Recovery Software

1.    Advanced Disk Recovery

One of the best data recovery tools in the industry is Advanced Disk Recovery. It is fast, reliable and easy to use. It can get back your data that was deleted irrespective of their formats and sizes. You can get back your music, documents, videos, movies, and whatnot. Even the location of the data doesn’t matter, the original data can be located in Hard drive or external drives and flash drives, this handy solution can get back all of it without disturbing or overwriting the original data.

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You can use various filters and settings to customize your search for specific folders, size and even types. So you won’t have to recover all of the data and can focus on the important ones you really need. The app is quite compatible with almost all the versions of Windows like 10, 8.1, 8, 7, and XP. It supports both 64 and 32 bit versions of the operating system.

2.    Disk Drill

Another amazing data recovery app on our list is Disk Drill. It is supported on both Mac and Windows operating systems. It also supports various file systems like NTFS, FAT, HFS+, EXT4, etc, file formats and file types like music, documents, videos, etc. This app supports the early versions of Windows including XP and is quite compatible with computers that run on low specifications. If you want to take a trial before purchasing it then you can do that too. With the free version of the software you can recover up to 500 MB of data but if you want more then there are different pricing plans available for it.


3.    Recoverit

Next on our list of data recovery software is Recoverit from the house of Wondershare. It supports more than 1000 file formats and can recover them all. The process of recovering data from Recoverit is quite simple and divided in three steps. First you will have to select all the files that you want to recover, scan for them and finally preview the files. This also supports both Mac and Windows and can be used to recover data from internal drives, external drives, flash drives, etc.


4.    Recuva




If you are wondering about your data recovery after loss due to formatting of the drive then don’t worry about that any more. Recuva is designed to take care of such situations. You can recover your erased data without any hassle and issues. The software is used by customers in a lot of different countries and hence comes in 37 different languages to suit the needs. The app is pumped with lots of features that are too good to be found under one roof like recover unsaved documents, iPod data, deleted emails, and so much more. I would recommend you to install it and experience the versatility yourself.

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5.    AnyRecover

If you are looking for a data recovery app that is not hard to handle and can be used easily even by beginners then AnyRecover is the one stop solution you should check out. It can recover lost data, get back the contents of the recycle bin and can even bring back the data that was lost due to virus or malware attack. It has quite powerful features that one should check out.


6.    R-Studio Data Recovery




This option is basically for users who switch between Windows, Mac and Linux and have no fixed operating system they work with. If you were surprised with the data recovery power of the tools above then wait, R-Studio is no less. It can get data from corrupted disks, disks that are not even bootable, LAN and other network connected clients, external disks, flash drives and what not. Specially designed data recovery algorithm can perform deep scans to look for all the bits of lost data.


So these were the 6 best data recovery software that can help you to get your deleted files back in Windows 10. Dealing with data can be very tricky and if the data is really important then one must exercise extra caution. So other names in the list are stellar data recovery but these stellar alternative are much better than any other software


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