Five Reasons to Learn Programming at College

Five Reasons to Learn Programming at College

The times are changing and so are the technologies and inventions that accompany them. Computer programming was not popular before 1883. Ada Lovelace saved the day by creating the first programming language.

Computer programming refers to the process of creating (or coding) instructions that tell the computer how it should perform a task. These tasks can include debugging, testing, and source code maintenance.


Computers have their own language, just like humans. This is the vocabulary programmers use to communicate with computers, i.e. code.

Just as the world is filled with different languages and languages, so are our programming languages. Java, Swift, Swift, Ruby, JavaScript and Go are some of the most well-known programming languages.

Let me be clear, though, that I wasn’t always proficient in programming the above languages. I therefore used to pay someone to do my assignment when I was learning to code.

Let me now share 5 reasons you should study programming at college.

  • Many flexible and varied job opportunities

Many things have changed, and the majority of these changes are technological. Computer programmers will be in high demand as technology advances and more people use them.

The good news about increasing job opportunities is that they don’t just affect people living in developed or developing countries. As a computer programmer, you can work remotely. This allows freelancers to work in countries far away.

Programmers could also be self-employed. A certified programmer can help you start your own business if you’re interested in programming.

  • High income

Computer programmers are able to find many different jobs and have an average income that is higher than the median income. Computer programmers are a well-respected job that offers many lucrative job opportunities.

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According to U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics 2020 data, computer programmers earn about $45 per hour. While this amount can vary depending on expert level, job title, and institution, you’ll agree that it is still a good offer.

A college degree will naturally increase your earning potential. You will be paid more than someone who has a high school diploma or is just starting out.

  • Creativity still has a place

Creatives who are reading this article will find it interesting to learn that they don’t have the obligation to give up their skills. The only industries that embrace creativity seem to be those that deal with music, fine art, and fashion design. Programming, however, embraces creativity and technical skills.

Programming is about identifying and solving problems in various ways. Lovelace’s vision and ability to solve problems, as well as the creativity of later programmers, led to programming.

  • A competitive edge

Yes, it has been proven true that you don’t need a degree in order to become a computer programmer.

Computer programmers will continue to be in demand for a long period of time. A degree confers professionalism and gives you an advantage over other applicants at any institution where you might apply.

As we mentioned above, a college degree can make you more successful than your colleagues.

  • Character development

A college degree, regardless of course taken, is more than a piece of paper. Although it might seem difficult to get a college degree, it can be a boost in self-esteem and give you a sense of accomplishment.

Learning coping mechanisms in college can help you to build resilience and perseverance.

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Programming is not as easy as it sounds. It is not an easy job. All the characters you’ve acquired along the way will play a part in your professional life later.


It is no secret that college can be expensive. It might seem unnecessary to take a course like computer programming. College degree holders have many advantages and favors over their counterparts.

A degree in computer programming is a more lucrative and flexible career than a traditional one. It offers a high return on investment. This field is growing in popularity and offers greater job security.

Therefore, I recommend that you choose to enter a lucrative industry such as computer programming to secure your ticket to financial freedom, and the big league.

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