Making Money Out Of Totes

Making Money Out Of Totes

Tote pickup services typically charge customers for the freight and handling of the totes, which are picked up. It will either be shown against every tote picked up or as a consolidated freight bill. On the featured site, however, you won’t be required to pay for every tote that’s handed over to be disposed of and recycled.

In fact, depending on the quality of totes you hand over, you may end up getting paid. That effectively means that your used pallet tanks will be valuable to you even long after completing their life cycle. Here is everything you need to know about the return and pick up process used by this site:

Simple Procedures for Disposal and Removal

The process involved in seeking a removal of used IBC totes is rather simple. All you have to do is get in touch with a resource via the online submission form. You will be required to provide basic details about the frequency with which you want the tanks to be disposed of, along with the number of tanks available for disposal at your location.

Once you have submitted this information, a representative will get in touch with you to work out the specifics of removal and pickup. Depending on the condition of your tanks, you could actually receive compensation for handing over the tanks. It is actually quite refreshing and a relief since the vast majority of services actually charge for tank removals.

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Get Rid of Transportation Woes

The typical challenges that any business that has in its possession any number of pallet tanks, popularly known as totes, faces is the need to spend valuable resources towards transportation. It will certainly be an issue for businesses looking to dispose of their used pallet tanks.

While it is an absolute necessity to make sure that tanks are disposed of in an environmentally-friendly way, according to the set government regulations, the challenge primarily lies in the transportation costs.

The free tote pickup service offered by the featured site means that business owners will never have to worry about transportation costs since they don’t need to spend anything towards the disposal of the totes in their possession.

Need for Compliance with the Regulations

If you are looking to dispose of pallet tanks, some of the critical aspects you have to bear in mind is making sure that the tanks are completely empty. Simply put, it means that the tanks have to be RCRA emptied, which refers to emptying the tanks in such a way that the tank’s bottom doesn’t have anything more than 1 inch of residue.

Furthermore, information must be shared with the service regarding the last content stored in the pallet tanks to be disposed of. The truck that’s dispatched to your location to pick up the empty IBC totes has a capacity of 60 empty pallet tanks stacked. It is thus important to make sure that no hazardous material finds its way into the truck.

Seamless Procedure for Disposal and Sale

The entire process of handing over your used IBC totes for disposal is rather seamless, which ensures that any number of empty tanks that come from your business will be removed according to the agreed frequency.

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The demand for IBC totes is quite high and the featured site refurbishes the used pallet tanks before putting them up for sale to other customers that may need them for varied purposes. The condition of the refurbished containers is actually quite good and comparable to new ones.

In addition to the fact that the featured site delivers good quality refurbished totes at the customer’s doorstep, it also offers the refurbished tanks at reasonable prices, which ensures that operations are more cost effective.

If you ever decide to purchase a certain number of tanks either as a one-time purchase or as a matter of routine with periodic purchases, you can easily use the services of the featured site to source your requirements and have them delivered at your preferred destination in the most professional way.

The cost of a refurbished IBC tote is considerably lower than that of a new one and the featured site will ensure that your products are transported and stored in accordance with the various safety regulations without having to spend too many business resources towards the tank’s transportation and storage yourself.

The wide network of the featured site will ensure that your requirements are fully met, regardless of your location. The featured site serves virtually all areas of the United States.

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