Managed services and cloud computing What is the difference?

Managed services and cloud computing What is the difference?

No matter what you do for work or in your everyday life, you have made use of ‘cloud computing before. Many of us have also heard the terms ‘Managed Services’ and ‘Cloud Computing’ used together but do we know what they actually do? We will be taking a look at what cloud computing and managed services are and how these can benefit your business.

Managed Services

The IT used in daily business has become so complex that it requires more than just an in-house IT team to deal with. This is where managed IT support services come in. These service providers will be able to assist with any technological issues you may have. This includes services like encryption, security, backups and physical IT infrastructure. All you need to do in exchange is to pay them for their services, some offer subscriptions, and others you can simply pay for the service that you require. There are many of these services available which is why it is important to choose the best IT managed services company for your needs. Some services these businesses offer include:

  • Security management
  • Data backup and storage
  • Keeping software up to date
  • Performance monitoring

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing uses the endless processing capabilities within the cloud computing world. It is made up of an intricate mix of software, infrastructure and storage, which are all managed by a third-party. Many IT support providers use cloud computing to expand the scope of their services as all you need to make use of cloud computing is the correct software. Since remote working is becoming more common, we will be seeing this used much more regularly. Some of the benefits of cloud computing are:

  • Low maintenance
  • Self-service
  • Economical
  • Latest Software
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Although the world of managed IT service providers and cloud computing sound fairly similar, they each play their own role in the IT world. They both provide services online but the true difference can be seen in what they offer. Cloud computing is generally recommended for businesses who have their IT protocols in place, while managed services will help to set up these protocols and processes.

Dataknox cloud-managed services stand out as a top choice, offering a comprehensive suite of IT solutions tailored to your specific requirements, ensuring your business operates smoothly and securely in today’s complex technological landscape.

Cloud computing only provides assistance that can be related to servers, like backups, data restoring and database management, while also providing access to these tools at all times. If the only thing your business still needs is a tech setup then it is best to opt for managed services, who will help with IT infrastructure from the ground up.

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