7 Metrics Why Uber for X Be the Next Big Startup Solution for On-Demand MultiServices

7 Metrics Why Uber for X Be the Next Big Startup Solution for On-Demand MultiServices

On-demand multi-services are the next boom in the industry where many of the service professionals are getting chances to show their potential and earn good revenue by covering the large demands from the customer side.

In parallel, the on-demand service models also benefit platforms for the one who wishes to launch the on-demand service startup by aggregating a huge range of service professionals in one domain.

Right from the taxi-services to the direct-to-home service booking models, Uber for X plays a vital role with the inclusion of impressive modules and unique features. After the big revolution of the Uber for X models, the market volume of the on-demand services is growing in the market. As per the research analysis, the proofing quotes are

  • Statista report predicted that the ride-hailing market has a global revenue of 385 bn USD by the end of 2025 and it will be reached at a rate of 10.4%.
  • According to technavio reports, the e-learning market has a growth value of 21.64 bn USD during the forecast period 2020-2024.

With the use of service booking applications, the on-demand service industry is getting a big-revenue share in the global on-demand economy.  Generally, the on-demand services ranged as follows.

  • Handyman services
  • On-demand healthcare booking
  • Laundry services
  • Pet Care Services
  • Home Remodeling Services
  • Installation & Repair Services, etc.

Since the services available are in a wide range and the professionals actively involved are more, the business model they selected must include the 7 important metrics to bring the interaction among them or with the customers in an imperative manner. The top 7 metrics listed as follows.

Extensive Service Handling

Since the app-based platforms like Uber for X are customizable and scalable, the service professionals grouped are more. This way of grouping allows the on-demand service startup owners to provide various services to the customers and make them feel better in getting services at the right time. The one who aggregates more service professionals able to address the various service needs and get huge profit with the use of this model.

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Instant Service Offering

Customers spend their time on the applications for their needs. To capture the huge range of customer attention in the market, service professionals must be focused on instant service offerings. By selecting the app-based business models, the alerts while the new service requests are initiated which makes the service professionals be notified earlier.

Ensure Real-Time Visibility

One of the impressive options in the uber for X business model is the integration of social media platforms within it. With this integration, the social engagement between the customers and the service professionals is an improved one. Also, all the service requests handling and completion via automated platforms ensure real-time visibility highly.

Visual Analytics-Based Model

The time for the service provider to make the trip to the customer’s location needs to be optimized. Traveling distance is the key parameter to decide the time value. The consideration of visual analytics such as GPS-based location estimation and map-based navigation allows the service professionals to handle more services a day.

Location status and the instant updates in a visual form allow the customers to grasp the current location status and the predicted the estimated time of arrival for further schedules.

End-User Retaining Options

The service professionals and the customers access the app-based model largely. Since the on-demand service industry is competitive with many players, both the service provider and customers have wide options to switch over if the existing model is a failure to meet their needs.

To keep retaining, the service startup contains greeting options like discounts, prime-membership, subscription, etc. Also, the high-ranked service professionals greeted with the promo-codes for purchases, rewards, and batches to get more visibility in the market.

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Allow Customers to Pay Smartly

The major effect of the Uber for X business model lies in the payment methods. Recently, contactless payment is emerging due to the Covid-19 effect. The incorporation of smart payment gateways, third-party payment apps, card etch allows the customers to pay the service charge smartly at any time and anywhere. With the instant payment capabilities, the service professionals can easily get their commission directly.

Transparent Deals

The digitized payment modules and the smart maintenance of financial records allow the service professionals to establish deals easily. Keeping all the records in the digital form without any human intervention ensures accuracy and transparency while building the partnership with the same service handlers in different locations or with the customers in real-time.

Concluding Note

Uber for x already has a huge pace in on-demand multi services with quick deployment nature. In order to meet a wide range of customer demands and market trends, Uber for X is tuned to be the perfect solution. Designing the uber for X with the metrics listed in this blog brings wonders in offering the services at the right time and get high-revenue quickly.

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