Microsoft enhances data security in Power BI business intelligence apps

Microsoft enhances data security in Power BI business intelligence apps


Using the latest network isolations and features of data protection, Microsoft offers abilities in Power BI business intelligence apps, which are used to make sure that customer data is safe and secured. Workers use Power BI for raw data transformation from sales figures to graphical visualizations; it helps convey a clear picture of what is going on in their business. Its services are used for the data in various sources like oracle databases, cloud-based applications, on-premises applications, and excel spreadsheets. It fulfills the requirements of data security, and its latest features contain service tags that organize may be utilized to gain network isolation. To gain complete knowledge about Microsoft’s beneficial features in Power BI business intelligence, AlterYX Training helps to a great extent. In this blog post, we will discuss how Microsoft enhances the data security in BI intelligence apps.

What is Microsoft

Microsoft is an organization based on US technology; Paul Allen and Bill Gates introduced it in 1975, quickly developing as a large software organization worldwide. It is famous for its software. It also developed hardware and offers various services of the cloud. Its well-known software includes Office and Windows, windows are famous desktop operating systems worldwide, and Office is a famous suite of productivity. Microsoft includes various software services like Visio, skype, Halo, etc., and hardware services like Xbox, surface, Hololens, input devices, etc., along with other services like one drive, Azure, Bing, etc.

Why is Microsoft

Microsoft was primarily famous for Microsoft and computers, but now it provides different operating systems and desktop computers. As a multinational organization, it strives to develop the business community’s productivity and efficiency worldwide, and it identifies small businesses based on the assets of strategic business technologies. Investing in IT is used to decrease the operating price, employee performance elevation, and business connections for clients and customers. It provides various products like windows vista used to address business concerns and Microsoft Office Live, which helps create a paperless environment. They are used to reduce the carbon emission and price of power consumption; its software contains finance templates, loss and profit statements, budgets, invoices, and many other services.

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Microsoft enhances data security in Power BI business intelligence apps.

Microsoft improves data security in Power BI business intelligence apps, and it is now able to:

  • It classifies Power BI’s sensitive data with the help of similar Microsoft data protection labels utilized in Office.
  • It enforces the policies while the data is exporting to excel from Power BI; the information is safe even outside the Power BI.
  • It protects and monitors the customer’s real-time activity on essential information with alerts, remediation of risks, monitoring sessions, and cloud apps’ security.
  • It empowers the administrator’s security, those who utilize the reports of data protection and security investigation abilities for companies oversight enhancement.

Sensitive labels in Power BI: the essential labels are like a tag that we may apply on the datasets of Power BI, dashboards, dataflows, and reports. It offers various benefits as given below.

  • They are customizable for the company’s requirements; companies may build the categories for various levels of essential data like general, confidential, public, private, etc.
  • It is simply visible; it is simple for data generators to apply essential labels as part of data creation flow. Users can then interact with the data and see the sensitivity of the data.
  • It is persistent; when the labels are applied to Power BI data, it persists the protection and persistence to export the data.

Microsoft is one of the famous, world-famous cloud access security providers used to protect cloud apps. It helps the companies control and monitor Power BI’s risky sessions in real-time; its administrators may explain the policies for users action control like reports installation with essential data. When customers interact with Power BI from unknown devices, this process is maintained through Microsoft cloud apps’ real-time control; it controls risky actions like data downloading, which has confidential labels and can be blocked in real-time. Its control and visibility contain the security alerts for Power BI services, and its activities are like sharing of mass reports.

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Digital transformation is used to develop companies’ operating ways, productive development, collaboration, and workflow technologies of AI. It also created the latest data leakage threats in companies and the latest regulations, like GDPR, to secure and store its essential data. Large organizations are using Power BI to develop enterprises very quickly. It solves data leakage problems and exports the data from Power BI. employees adopt the company’s guidelines of data protection to develop productivity. It needs IT teams for a compromise between productivity and data protection. Bi teams are using Microsoft techniques to protect the data and cloud app security to maintain high productivity power. It offers solutions to enable customers to have protected data.

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