What is a MOBA game? What are examples of MOBA games?

What is a MOBA game? What are examples of MOBA games?

Video games have been part of a lot of people’s childhoods. It has been a quick escape from reality for some, while the others have their passions set on playing. Gaming has evolved through the years from simply being a pastime on arcades to something a lot more intense and cutthroat. While the first video games were designed purely for entertainment, some had taken it as their goal to set or break records. This pushed game creators to cater to the massive wave of competitive gaming. One category that became one of the biggest stages for the best competitive gamers is MOBA. To newcomers, it can be quite hard to grasp what MOBAs actually are. So what are MOBA games?

Origin of MOBA

Multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) came from strategy base building games which were popular back in the early 2000s. These strategy games pit a number of players to build their own camps or bases from scratch and battle it out to see which base is the strongest. This genre is one of the most competitive among video games and it is also among the hardest to master. It required its players to control units to construct buildings, use those buildings to manually produce resources, produce troops to control for offense and defense, set up traps and defenses, all while keeping constant watch for enemy attacks or progress. If you thought your mom could multitask well, you surely haven’t seen this game’s pro scene. This strategy game gave birth to the modern-day MOBA games. Creators altered the map and the mechanics of the game to group 2 teams of 5 players. Each player controls one hero or champion and as a team, has to fight against the other 5 players to see who destroys the enemy’s base first. Although it may sound easier than the classic strategy building game, trying to win a game with 4 other players who move independently can provide some of the most chaotic scenes in gaming you’ll ever see.

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Modern-day MOBA

Today, MOBA games have one of the largest pro scenes, if not the largest, in all of gaming. Dota 2 and League of Legends have the largest prize pools and production costs in international competitions. Being able to make a name for yourself in either game can bring a lifetime’s worth of fortune and prestige. These players are scouted from a selection that is the best of the best. It is extremely difficult to become a professional player for any of the major esports teams these days, especially with all the young talents that seem to keep increasing every year. But for those who still want to play competitively, both games have their own ranked ladders you can climb. You can grind for hours and climb the ranks while flexing your Dota 2 or League of Legends MMR. If you’re confident enough, you could also stream to let people see those sick outplays and mechanics you have under your sleeves.


MOBA games are among the sweatiest games you can play today. You can play hard and become among the best, or just play casually and have fun with friends. Whatever your goals are, playing MOBA games will produce some of the most amazing, funny, and just overall chaotic moments you’ll ever experience in all of gaming

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