Mobile Device Management Software Market is in Huge Demand

Mobile Device Management Software Market is in Huge Demand

Enterprise Mobility Era:

It all started when the Enterprise Mobility trend emerged in the market. The demand for data access on remote devices to empower resources with information gave rise to the use of Smartphones and hand-held devices in enterprises. Because of this, Smartphones and Mobile devices became the cornerstone of IT infrastructure and thus, there came a need to manage these devices.

Initially, enterprises invested a huge amount of capital to create a repository of smartphones that would be their assets being assigned to the employees. But, with the increasing need and to make the solution cost-effective there came the trend of BYOD i.e. Bring Your Own Device with the launch of the iPhone in 2007. Enterprises used the mobile devices of their employees and installed applications on them for mobility access. 

Need for governance:

The market has been evolving since then and there are a lot of new types of solutions being offered for enterprise mobility. For instance, many cloud solutions are being developed in the market to provide access to information directly to employees. Then there are SaaS platforms and there are many business verticals that are developing their on-premise servers and providing access to their resources. 

But, with the growing market and Smartphone users, there also came the concern of data security and enterprise data management. The rise in the number of solutions and approaches also gave rise to the demand for information flow and access control. As it is said necessity is the mother of invention, there came a need for Mobile App software and solutions that would help manage the mobile devices that have integral enterprise applications and information.

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With the rising need, there came in existence Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions. MDM is a mobile security solution that allows an enterprise to control the information, applications and activities of the users. It is an integral part of the mobile security market and is driven by the increasing cloud and enterprise mobility trends. To help you understand the contribution of this IT vertical and its capabilities, we have listed below the user applications of MDM and how it helps an organization with optimum security and productivity.

Applications of MDM Technology:

  • Effective data management:

With the increasing sophisticated cyberattacks and online threats, corporate enterprises need to protect their sensitive data. Apart from that, there also is a need for managing the data effectively as there are many different users, devices, platforms, OS and other such aspects to be considered. Based on these requirements, MDM is created for effective data collection, distribution, storage and management. Not only do MDM solutions create a defined data hierarchy and access, with it IT admin can easily manage the data, devices and entities.

  • Access control and data monitoring:

When we talk about an organization, there are a lot of entities that interact with the data and all of them have different purposes, roles and use of the data. Apart from that, there also is a need for certain actions to be delegated to certain roles based on their authority and hierarchy in the organization.

To manage the data and entities effectively, organizations need Mobile Device Management software to create access control and effective data monitoring processes. With users having access to data on their own devices, MDM is used to create the necessary restrictions and access control based on the roles and authorization of the user. Thus, with the MDM solution enterprises can provide only the essential data to the users and give them access to rights and actions based on the decisions they need to make.

  • Remote access to devices:

Since the corporate data shared with the resources are sensitive, the IT admin must have access to that data as and when required to take appropriate actions. For instance, if there is an incident of device theft or cyber-attack, administrators can remotely access the device with MDM and take actions to prevent the data from being leaked. Apart from that, with organizations experiencing employee turnovers frequently, MDM software can be used to control the data amongst the users and prevent the data from being accessed by the competition.

  • Compliance with government rules:

With the increasing cyber threats, there are a lot of governing bodies being introduced to protect sensitive data in different verticals. For instance, the manufacturing and service industries have to comply with ISO standards while the medical and pharmaceutical industries have to comply with the HIPAA norms. Apart from that, there are many other government rules and regulations for different industries such as Electronic Data Logging (ELD), Content Management Interoperability Services (CMIS) and others. To ensure that your enterprise mobility ecosystem can comply with these rules and regulations, you can employ custom mobile app development services from Mobile App Development Company to get personalized Mobile Device Management software. 

  • User Analytics:

With the increasing resources and data monitoring devices, there also comes a need for increased governance and monitoring resources. Because of this, the organizations had to incur huge governance and monitoring cost. Apart from that, the monitoring and governance tasks were also prone to human errors and a lack of real-time threat response capabilities. 

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With this need, the MDM solutions are integrated with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning capabilities. Not only can these technologies automate the governing and threat response processes, but the technologies are also used for user analytics to monitor and understand the user behavior and use it for behavioral analytics. This right here is the future of MDM technologies and is used to empower decision-makers with effective insights about their employees.

Challenges of MDM solution:

  • The increasing number of devices, platforms and solutions to be monitored
  • Inclusion of different OS such as Android, iOS and Microsoft
  • Constant updates in the OS and devices
  • Seamless information display on all the devices
  • Seamless connection of devices with the data servers

To encounter these challenges, not only is it essential that you employ Android and iOS Development services from Android and iOS App Development Company UK, but it is essential to collaborate with a top mobile app development company with cutting-edge IT infrastructure and long-term value-based offerings for continuous updates, management and support services.

Governance with analytics is what MDM offers:

With the increasing digitalization and automation of business processes, enterprise mobility and MDM solutions are not only business facilitators, but are also essential to cope with the competitive market and create a competitive edge in the market. Create a secure and defined IT infrastructure with MDM solutions and its real-time monitoring and response capabilities to secure your organization from cyberthreats and to empower your resources with information.

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