8 Myths About Heavy Duty Truck Parts

The world of aftermarket heavy-duty truck parts is confusing. The different parts and the amount of information available can be overwhelming. You can speak to dealers who carry a wide selection of heavy duty truck parts and get your questions answered and doubts clarified.  

With so much information online, it can get difficult to segregate the facts from the myths. Here are a few common myths about heavy duty truck parts that you must be aware of:

All Parts are Created Equal

Trucks have several different parts. Just because all the parts look the same doesn’t mean they are alike. The quality of the part plays a vital role in how long it lasts. Typically, aftermarket parts are cheaper than OEM parts. This makes them a very appealing option for many truck drivers. Most truck drivers assume that since aftermarket parts look the same as OEM parts, they will work the same. But this is not always true. Cheap aftermarket parts may not give a lot of importance to quality. Most quality truck parts will be expensive but will last longer. While the aftermarket parts may look exactly like the genuine parts in functionality and fit, they may not work the same.

Rebuilt and Remanufactured are the Same

People often think the terms rebuilt and remanufactured mean the same. But this is not true. When you take a part that has been used and put it into another vehicle after repairing whatever was damaged, it is called remanufacturing. The individual components of the parts are inspected to ensure they are viable for remanufacturing. When you fix a damaged part and put it back in the vehicle, it is referred to as a rebuilt part. While rebuilt parts work well, there is a chance that they may break down again in the future and need repairs.

The Only Important Factor is the Age of the Vehicle

Many people believe that when they purchase heavy-duty truck parts, they only need to consider the truck’s age. But this is not true. While the vehicle’s age is an important factor, there are other important factors as well, like performance, the quality of the manufacturer, trade cycle, uptime, and safety. 

The Cost of the Parts is the Only Thing You Must Consider

Like the truck’s age, another common myth is that you must only consider the cost of the parts while purchasing them. You may get a particular part very cheap at one vendor, but it may not be in stock. On the other hand, the part may be available with another vendor but at a higher cost. If you choose to wait for the cheaper part, it will take longer for you to start using the truck again. You can get the truck back on the road quicker if you pay a little extra and buy it from the other vendor.

Another thing to consider is who has manufactured the parts. It may be better for you to buy OEM parts for certain things like the body, the chassis, and the truck’s interior. You will get better value and performance out of those parts. Repair time is another important aspect. If a technician is going to take long to replace a part, you may want to switch to another technician.

And finally, the focus should be on choosing the correct part. If you consider the cost only and compromise on the right part, it could lead to premature failure and another expensive trip to the repair shop.

The Brand Name is the Only Thing That Matters

While the brand name on the parts is important, it is not a deal-breaker. You must carefully read all the documents that come with the parts. These documents can include return policies, maintenance information, and warranties as well. You should be aware of the kind of replacement part you are getting to ensure it fits your vehicle and is compatible with other parts that you already have on your truck. 

Cheap Parts Save You Money

People often feel that they can save a lot of money by purchasing cheap parts. But this is not entirely true. While you may be able to save some money when you pick cheap truck parts, most of the time, if the quality of the parts is not good, you will end up spending more to repair or replace them. Most cheaper options are made without factoring in research and development and quality checks. That is why they are available at such a low cost.

You Must Buy Parts Only from the Dealer

This is another popular myth among truckers. The fact is that you can get quality heavy-duty truck parts from different providers like Affordable Heavy Truck Parts. They offer a wide range of heavy-duty truck parts and will patiently answer all your questions. The experienced team at this company has had in-depth training about the various parts with different vendors and knows exactly what your truck needs.

You may even find parts by a reputed seller at a discount store. Not only will you get quality truck parts, but at a much lower cost as well.

A Fleet Can Be Its Only Sourcing Manager

The fleet can’t be its own sourcing manager for heavy-duty truck parts. You will not have the resources or time to research and place orders. You must hire an experienced professional who can speak to different vendors, check the quality of parts and source them for you at a good deal. The same person will also handle any problems or issues that come up with parts and take them up with the vendor.

You must understand the different parts used in your truck and their functions to prevent falling prey to any myths. Ensure you ask your distributor or dealer as many questions as possible, do your own research, consider your options, and purchase parts only after you are convinced about their quality.


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