Nintendo Switch 2: Everything You Should Know About the New Console

Nintendo Switch 2: Everything You Should Know About the New Console

After four years we finally got an upgrade of its already amazing console, and fans couldn’t wait to get their hands on the latest Nintendo Switch 2.

But does it worth the upgrade and what’s changed from the first version of the console?

Just as the rumors about NBA trades on TwinSpires website start circling, the same rumors started flying about the new Nintendo Switch console from last year, and it seems like they are true as Nintendo already announced their new model on July 6th.

In today’s article, we will dive deeper into this subject and find out more about its specs, performance, and release dates. This should give you an idea of whether or not to wait for the new console or buy the current version if you don’t already own one.

Nintendo Switch 2 Release Date

Despite the speculations from Economic Daily News and other websites that claimed that had information about the Nintendo Switch 2 release date in early 2021, the new OLED Nintendo Switch 2 is coming out on October 8, this year.

Most rumors suggested that we would see a 4K version of the console, which didn’t happen, but most other rumored features came true. It is possible to get a Nintendo Switch 2 Pro version in the future that might have 4K capabilities.

Nintendo Switch 2 Specs

In terms of specs, fans are a bit disappointed when it comes to the new Nintendo Switch 2 console just because it is not significantly better than its predecessor. Compared to the leaks we’ve seen before, most of them suggested that the new Switch console is coming with custom Nvidia Tegra Xavier, a 64GB SSD, and a 4K video support alongside two USB-C ports.

Most of them also pointed out that the new console will be a TV-only machine, which didn’t happen.

We still don’t know the chip used in the upcoming Nintendo Switch, but Nintendo confirmed a storage upgrade to 64GB.After four years we finally got an upgrade of its already amazing console, and fans couldn’t wait to get their hands on the latest Nintendo Switch 2

Some recent mobile GPU breakthroughs point out a promising tech for handheld consoles. The new Exynos 1000 chip developed by AMD and Samsung could be a massive performance boost for the new console compared to their aging Tegra X1 in the current Switch. Maybe that’s the reason why Nintendo didn’t announce the chip they will be using in the new console.

Nintendo Switch 2 Price

From the information we have so far, Nintendo Switch 2 will cost $349, which is $50 more than the launch price of their previous version.

Many people are not happy with their new pricing strategy just because the manufacturing costs for the new OLED Nintendo Switch will cost only $10 more than the previous version, but they increased the price by $50.

With that said, we still don’t have enough information on its performance, and battery, which justify the price of the new model.

Most rumors suggested a starting price of the speculated Nintendo Switch Pro model of $399, which we still don’t know whether or not it is the same console or we will see some improved versions in the future.

Nintendo Switch 2 Display

The new OLED screen is probably the biggest upgrade to the current Nintendo Switch, but is it enough to upgrade to the newer version?

Probably not. If you own the first Nintendo Switch version then you’ll be good enough at least for a year or two until the price of the new version drops.

Even though Nintendo decided to upgrade the display panel to OLED, they still kept the 720p resolution and 1080p when docked which was a huge disappointment for fans since everybody expected a 4K resolution version.

When it comes to the difference between LCD and OLED, the new version will have deeper blacks, more vibrant colors, and wider viewing angles. In terms of power consumption, OLED screens are great for watching videos, but if you play bright games, they might consume more power.

Other Upgrades

The new Nintendo Switch 2 came with a couple of more upgrades that includes an adjustable stand that is perfect for watching videos, as well as an Ethernet port on the dock for a more stable connection.

With that said, we didn’t get a complete overhaul of the previous version which is a bummer. However, the previous Nintendo Switch was a great console, and the new one takes it even further. It is very likely that we would see another version with higher performance in the future, but until then, you should get your new Nintendo Switch 2 and enjoy some portable action.


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