The terms “gaming” and “gambling” can sometimes be confusing and used interchangeably. This application is incorrect since the two terms refer to different activities with minimal similarities. The MOA gaming team has prepared an explanation of what gaming and gambling mean, how these two terms differ, and when they may overlap.


The differences between gaming and gambling become apparent when we define two terms. Gambling refers to the game for money with an uncertain outcome. It should always include three elements: the money wagered, risk or excitement, and the opportunity to win a prize.

Gaming refers to interactive computer and video games – these can be skill-based games, strategy games, or simply recreational games.

Types of gaming:

  • Video games
  • Role-playing video games
  • Multiplayer online games
  • Board games.

Types of gambling:

  • slots
  • card games
  • baccarat
  • lotteries
  • poker
  • roulette
  • bingo
  • betting
  • wheel of fortune, etc.


Despite the different nature of gambling and gaming, these two activities sometimes overlap.

  • Legal gambling is sometimes referred to as gaming in legislative documents.
  • Esports betting refers to gambling.

E-sports or e-sports are tournaments and competitions through video sa gaming. The most common genres of video games are multiplayer online combat arena (MOBA), first-person shooter (FPS), fighting, and real-time strategy (RTS). Popular esports games include LoL, Dota 2, CS, StarCraft, and many others.

Esports belong to gaming, but when it comes to esports betting, it falls into the gambling category because there is an element of gambling. Currently, esports betting is considered one of the fastest-growing categories in online gambling – the total amount of bets is expected to reach $ 8 billion in 2019.

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Elements of gaming and gambling can be mixed.

Sometimes there can be elements of excitement in gaming – for example, the latest GTA Online update – Diamond Casino and Resort. The video game had aspects of gambling – the players had the chance to visit the casino and play slots or poker. They could use real money to purchase in-game currency and exchange it for casino chips. As a result, the update was blocked by more than 50 countries.

In addition to introducing elements of gambling into online games and games on social networks, there are other possibilities for the intersection of the two terms:

cross-marketing of casino games to video game users;

  • The introduction of gaming functions on online gambling platforms;
  • The existence of identical games on gaming and gambling resources for one operator;
  • Gambling games, in which players receive cash prizes in video games.
  • Gaming and gambling are entirely different types of activity, but they can sometimes overlap. The possibility of mixing gaming and gambling creates the potential for new games and products in the future.
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