Overwatch World Championship 2023 and The Best Overwatch Player Predictions from Top Analysts!

Overwatch World Championship 2023 and The Best Overwatch Player Predictions from Top Analysts!

Blizzard has announced plans to bring back the Overwatch World Championship in 2023, featuring 36 different countries and regions from around the world. The Overwatch World Championship has been suspended since 2019 when the United States won its first cup with a 3-0 win over China. The COVID-19 pandemic has since prevented Blizzard from hosting the tournament, but with restrictions slowly easing and Overwatch 2 already launched, now seems like a good time to bring back the Overwatch World Cup.

The Overwatch World Championship officially began in 2016, the year Overwatch first launched. Teams were formed by popular vote, with Overwatch players choosing their favourite players from each country or region. Six teams automatically qualified for the group stage of the Overwatch World Championship, with a total of 50 teams vying for the remaining grid spots. The 2019 Overwatch World Championship has been split into three stages, with any country able to join the initial preliminary stage.

Blizzard’s plans for the 2023 Overwatch World Championship are a little more complicated

The event itself will take place in three stages, including qualifiers, the group stage and the final. However, Blizzard has further divided its plans into three planning stages for administrative purposes. Phase 1 in January involves the selection of 36 countries and regions, as well as accepting committee applications to form regional teams. Phase 2 involves the formation of regional committees, the committee holding tryouts, team selection, the World Cup Trials Overwatch 2 open tournament, and then the qualifiers themselves.

Overwatch became popular not only among ordinary amateurs but also among professional players. A lot of people have become e-sportsmen in this discipline. An eSport player differs from an ordinary gamer in his approach to business. An ordinary player plays whenever he wants. Its main goal is to have fun. For an esports player, this is a full-fledged job. Every day he improves his skills, trains and plays Overwatch matches at full power. Training takes players 8-10 hours a day, as in normal working hours. Many players who want to break into the professional scene try to live in this mode, but not everyone succeeds. To reach the heights, a person has to go a very long way, and in the end, you cannot always expect success.

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However, those Overwatch eSports players who still managed to break into the next level of the game get great preferences. They have the opportunity to participate in the biggest tournaments and travel with their team around the world. ESports don’t just get money from prizes – they have contracts with partners as well as salaries from their organisations. The best players get great money.

The Best Overwatch Players

Based on the Overwatch player rankings from GetEsports https://getesports.net/en/overwatch-players/, we can draw conclusions about who will be the top favorite this year. Below you will discover the professional players that may become the best in 2023:

 Rascal. Dong-jun Kim, better known as Rascal, is a member of Philadelphia Fusion. Despite their American origins, the band consists mainly of Koreans. It is e-sportsmen from this country who achieve the best results on the professional scene. Kim is no exception here. Rascal played for the San Francisco Shock for a long time. As part of this team, the player won two Overwatch League tournaments. For first place, the team received $1.1 and $1.5 million. In total, during his career, the guy earned more than 500 thousand dollars.

 Striker. Nam-joo Kwon performed with Rascal at San Francisco Shock. This team rustled around the world. Striker was always responsible for the damage. It was on his shoulders that the duty of destroying rivals fell. He played his role brilliantly, thanks to which the team won titles and received millions of dollars, and Striker himself confidently entered the top Overwatch players.

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       Nevix. Koreans occupy the top places in the table of the best players almost exclusively. However, representatives of other countries are also trying to force them to fight. One such player is the Swede Andreas Karlsson, better known by his nickname Nevix. Some time ago, this eSportsman played with Striker and Rascal on the same team from San Francisco. Previously, the guy played for lower-ranking teams, participated in many tournaments, many of which ended in offensive defeats. But Andreas had a dream, he did not give up, thanks to which he was still able to climb Mount Olympus.


Prize money won is considered one of the most important metrics in eSports. This aspect is a fairly adequate and objective basis for ratings. Overwatch players consistently win big and important tournaments and are well-paid for it. Not all teams will be able to climb high at the biggest events, only the strongest representatives of the discipline are capable of it.




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