Pcloudy browser testing: Benefits of using it

Pcloudy browser testing: Benefits of using it
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Developing a mobile application or browser requires a lot of work. One needs to test the applications on all the target devices so that one can have an idea of their uses and problems that one can face while using the application. But the task of testing every device is daunting and also feels futile in most cases. To solve this problem specialized tools have been developed which can provide an integrated platform for testing mobile applications and thus reduces the workload to a commendable level.

pCloudy browser testing is an application with which one can manually test a mobile application or webpage as well as perform the tests automatically. The most important thing is that it is cloud-based and as such easily assessable. Moreover, it also certifies the apps once it has been tested. Thus, developers find the tools indispensable for use. There are various advantages of using pCloudy browser testing. Some of them are listed below:

  1. pCloudy has two options. One is manual and the other is automated. With the availability of two options, it becomes easier for one to choose based on one’s needs. With the manual testing option, one needs to upload the desired file into the cloud system. Then one needs to select the targeted mobile devices in which one needs to test the app.

In automated testing, there is nothing much that needs to be done and only selection of methods and applications for testing is important.

  1. The application is reasonably priced. One can easily subscribe to the same at a reasonable price. A free trial period is also available for new users.
  2. Testing of apps in all the available devices is impossible but pCloudy provides a range of options that usually suffice for getting information regarding the usefulness of the app. Using pCloudy, one get results equivalent to testing 500 mobile phones.
  3. The test results are provided statistically along with a detailed report on CPU usage, internet usage, memory in the system acquired etc. This report will help the developers in improving the apps in the areas which require improvement.
  4. Using manual testing methods one can use features like reboot the device, accessing the play store, increasing and decreasing the volume etc. It also has the option to set the location and assess the internet connection.
  5. There is the option of running two operations simultaneously both manually and automatic. Thus, parallel testing makes the process easier and also trustworthy.
  6. The application gives bug reports so that debugging can be done accordingly. This is an important process as it helps in making the apps error-free.
  7. The app is user-friendly and easily understandable. The detailed reports given make the process of making the app better easier.
  8. Since it is a cloud platform, thus the amount of money required for setting up and performing the test is minimal. They are customizable and one can make the website based on one’s needs. Thus, based on your needs you can make the application or web page compatible.
  9. It is future-ready and supports applications like machine learning and AI. AI can help you in formulating codeless solutions which you can use in making your applications better.

The benefits of pCloudy are manifold and it helps in making the process of making an app much easier. It is well suited for use of individual developers, or small business organizations. One can do the testing in various browsers available and get the best results. The testing facilities can be used in screens of all resolutions. They provide services that do not compromise one’s security and privacy. There is unlimited browser time usage for testing.


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