Plastic bags for the industrial sector: Some important things to know

Plastics have become an important part of modern human life. Plastic materials are very useful for humans. However, besides being useful, plastic waste causes problems for the environment. Plastics are hydrocarbon polymers consisting of many monomers. The plastics that are widely used today, mostly come from petroleum processing. About 5% of the world’s oil is used as a raw material for making plastics. There are various uses of plastic, one of which is to make bags.

Plastic bags are still essential for companies or businesses. Although its use is increasingly limited due to ecological and environmental issues, there are still cases where its use is necessary. Plastic bags are usually conceived as shopping bags, but their really important and necessary work is for the preservation of food at an industrial level.

There are also different types of plastic bags, all of them with different functions. If you are a company or trade, you should contact a specialized company to choose the best bag that suits your needs. To do this, these are the aspects that you have to take into account when finding your plastic bag:

Plastic bags: Features

Plastic thickness: The thickness of the plastic will determine, among other things, the resistance of the bag. This is measured in gauges, which is the unit used to measure very fine materials. The thicker the bag, the more resistant, but also more expensive. For this reason, you must assess how you will use the bag to understand what thickness is appropriate.

Types of plastic: The most used are Polyethylene and Polypropylene.

Polyethylene (polyethylene bags) is widely used in the manufacture of bags that can be customized in different colors and thicknesses, being ideal for printing on it as well, such as addresses or logos. The polyethylene bags are very popular, especially among young business people.

On the other hand, polypropylene is a transparent plastic, so it is used for products where you want the contents of the bag to be seen.

Bag sizes: Currently, there is a wide variety of plastic bag sizes on the market. Each of them fulfills a function and for that reason it is so important to know exactly what we want the functions of the bags to be. In addition, when choosing a bag, not only the size but its characteristics, such as whether it has a handle and what type (of shirt, die, loop…) its height and capacity count. There are also bags with a special format, that is, welded or with specific measures for different sectors. They usually occur in sectors where the conservation of fresh products is worked.

Therefore, choosing plastic bags for a company or industry should be a thoughtful task and agreed with specialists. A correct choice of the bag will make the quality of the product and even its conservation better. Check all the characteristics of the bag before buying it and make sure it adapts to your needs.

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