Playing by New Rules: 7 Game-Changing Benefits Of Technology In Sports

Playing by New Rules: 7 Game-Changing Benefits Of Technology In Sports

Sports technology has raised the game to new heights.

There’s no doubting that technology has had a hugely beneficial influence on sports in general. It has drastically transformed and advanced the competitive landscape. From greater precision in time measurements to advancements in the design of sporting equipment, technology has brought about measures of convenience.

Over the last two decades, technology has inexorably found its way into the world of sports, forever altering the game. But, from the standpoint of a supporter, what are the actual benefits?

A more enjoyable viewing experience

The way we watch sports have been greatly influenced by technological advancements. It’s easy to forget about all the behind-the-scenes and on-screen technology involved when you’re watching the Super Bowl on a massive flatscreen television from the comfort of your sofa with a basket of chips and a beer in hand.

From high-definition video cameras recording top-speed action from different angles to the top or bottom of the screen continually updating the score and game time. You also have access to a variety of sports networks, like the European Six Nations rugby union competition and the Indian Premier League, which provide world-class sports to your living room.

Information is readily available

In the sports world, information transfer and sharing outside regional boundaries is critical, and technology has once again proven useful in this area. With just a smartphone, anybody can access a wealth of sports data, including live scores and game analysis, at any time and from any location.

For example, a fan can follow a cricket game happening in India, thanks to a live score app that sends data instantly as events unfold. These are some of the innovations that have led to the growth of sports betting in India, a nation where cricket commands a religious following.

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Enhanced video gaming experience

We all remember the iconic TV games from the 1980s and 1990s, such as Soccer, Golf, Athletics, and Baseball, which were all played in 2D with limited player control. As technology progressed, so did video game accessibility.

Sports gaming became an engaging experience for friends and family when the Nintendo Wii was released. It even evolved into a sort of exercise, particularly when playing tennis.

You can almost picture being on the field yourself nowadays, thanks to the crystal-clear images and updated players of the latest football games for the Sony PlayStation and Microsoft Xbox.

Opportunities for advanced scouting

We all want the finest players to represent our clubs in the NBA, NFL, and Olympic Games as enthusiastic sports fans. Coaches, on the other hand, will require access to untapped talent in order for this to happen. Scouting agents used to have to travel throughout the nation to locate hidden gems at the club level, and they had to trust their intuition when selecting players.

Agents have access to all a player has to give in the era of technology, from video footage of past performances to statistics on fitness, passing skill, speed, and strength.

Purchasing Tickets in a Practical Manner

Gone are the days of standing in line on game day to get a ticket only to be turned away because they’re all sold out, or having to settle for the last nose-bleed seat. You can buy tickets for future games straight from a team’s official website using your smartphone or computer via online ticket purchasing.

In this manner, you may skip the lines and select certain seats, thus placing your vantage point in your hands.

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Improved interaction between players and fans 

In the past, we had to admire our athletic stars from afar at stadiums or on television. This has all altered when social media entered the picture. Most sports clubs, teams, and players now have verified Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram profiles that you can connect with and follow.

These social media platforms have put the world of sports in the palm of your hand, providing fast access to information and keeping you connected to other sports lovers. You can keep up with the latest team news, future games, and results by following them on social media, and you can even tag your favourite player in the fantastic photo you took with them after last week’s match.

Sophisticated in-game review systems 

In the realm of sports, the invention of replay technology for in-game review is probably the most important breakthrough. Referees and other match officials used to have to depend on their instincts when deciding if a player was offside while scoring a goal in a football match or if the ball was likely to reach the wickets when a batsman was struck on his pads during a cricket match.

Unfortunately, human error has seeped into almost every sport, much to the frustration of sports fans worldwide.

Most sports now offer in-game review options handled by specialists who use technology to assess appeals and referrals while the game is in progress. TMO (Television Match Official) during rugby union games, VAR (Video Assistant Referee) during football, and Hawk-Eye technology to detect a ball’s trajectory during a tennis, volleyball, or cricket match are all examples of these technologies designed to make sports fairer.


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