Popular in-demand Python Machine Learning Applications

Popular in-demand Python Machine Learning Applications

Python Machine learning is the most popular branch of data science that is specialized in its trust, reliability, and accuracy. Thanks to its English native syntax and conciseness, Python has earned the respect of data scientists and analyst groups.

In this article, I have pointed out the top Machine Learning models for 2021.

Machine Learning App for Education

In a lay person’s language, machine learning is the ability of machines to learn in a computerized environment without the need to add any programming skills. However, things have changed for ML projects in the last 2-3 years where AI is being deployed with data science coding techniques to make machines learn to program too! Yes, that’s right. Thanks to the advancements in programming languages such as Python and R, algorithms are shooting up to train ML models and process certain volumes of data that can be very useful in making decisions.

IT Automation

Thanks to unsupervised learning and clustering models, we are beginning to see the rise of IT Ops with automation. These platforms ease the entire process of IT deployment, migration, and advancements. Using IT automation, users can accelerate their journey into Cloud. The use of Python machine learning ensures that there are no data losses reported during or after migration, even as companies look for advanced ML models for security, automation, and risk management.

Fintech Apps

When was the last time you visited a physical brand of a bank? I did it in 2019, and since then I have used mobile apps and digital wallets to pay my credit card bills or go for e-commerce shopping or pay parking tickets.

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Fintech apps are on the rise — and these are created using machine learning techniques. From finding the best offers to applying discount codes, there are many ways banks and merchants are using Fintech apps to stay on top of technological advancements in 2021.

Healthcare Personalization

Ahh, so we talked about the personalized financial advisors. But what about a virtual assistant for your medical needs! Python machine learning apps are very popular in the healthcare segment where different applications are virtualized or outsourced to machine-level engagements.

One of the popular examples is the local doctor’s directory that pops up whenever you search for them in your Search Engine. Many local directories provide the best results for physicians based on the ailments you have, your medical history, comments and reviews, and fees.

From optimizing patients’ medical records to fixing and scheduling meetings online, these healthcare personalization techniques are solving the challenges that the COVID-19 pandemic brought with it. With social distancing norms in place, patients are comfortable taking an online route to meet with their physicians and consultants.

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