FamiSafe Mobile location Tracker – Find out where your children are and if they are safe

FamiSafe Mobile location Tracker – Find out where your children are and if they are safe

Today our subject is a little different, let’s talk about children’s safety. With the advancement of all technologies and the earlier access of children to them, cases of kidnapping, have become common. Interested in this topic? Just keep reading!

Child kidnapping cases are increasing from year to year and for some parents, this has something to do with the increasing use of the Internet by children. Why? The internet allows children to communicate with a much wider range of people. They can have their own social media accounts, upload photos, share information, and so on. All of this is taken advantage of by the child predators out there.

Unlike 20 years ago, where they tended to choose their victims randomly. In this age of the Internet, children “provide themselves to be eaten!” Children often unconsciously share personal information such as place of residence, age, location, and so on. They are also too innocent to accept every friend request.

If you are a parent, you should be vigilant. While you can’t follow your children wherever you go, you can have a tool to track their position at all times. That tool is the FamiSafe Parental Control App. This is a multi-functional location tracker that can track wherever your kids go as long as they have their cell phone with them. Not only tracking, this tool can also provide alerts when they leave certain areas that are categorized as safe zones. The zones are created based on your preferences.

However, FamiSafe is not just an ordinary location tracker. This tool can also prevent kidnapping from the source. What does it mean?

Never think that you only need a location tracker to keep your children safe. You have to make sure to prevent that possibility in the first place. To note, most kidnapping cases start from seduction conveyed through social media. If you have the tools to control your children’s online activities, securing them can be optimal. You can cut out potential dangers from the start. To be honest there are all kinds of dangers that lurk your children on the Internet; kidnapping, juvenile delinquency, unhealthy relationships, pornography, cyberbullying, and so on. All can be prevented by using FamiSafe. This tool has various main features which can be explained as follows:

– Suspicious Text Alerts

One of the biggest risks that today’s children are exposed to is the famous cyberbulling that directly affects their daily behavior. And here comes FamiSafe to help parents prevent the effects of these attacks. So every time the app detects an offensive word, of a sexual nature or any bad word, it will send you an alert. FamiSafe does not read all messages for privacy reasons, however, whenever the keywords appear you will be alerted.

– Real Time Location

This is the function we’ve talked above. You will not need to keep asking where your child is, you will only be able to track and make sure he is where he should be. In addition, you can also create alerts for certain areas, usually dangerous. Thus, when the location tracker finds that your child has approached a region previously determined to be dangerous, you will receive an alert on your cell phone.

– Application blocker

There was a time when you told your child to go to sleep and you saw him in the bedroom but he was browsing for something or playing that favorite game? Well, the solution is provided by FamiSafe. You just need to access his phone and block the game. That is, during bedtime you can block social networks and games, you can block them at the time of studies or any time your child needs to concentrate and you want to prevent him from being distracted on the internet.

Best of all, you’ll only need to pick up your child’s cell phone once to install FamiSafe, because to work it needs to be on both devices. After that you will never need to pick up your child’s smartphone anymore, everything can be controlled from your own cell phone, which makes everything easier.

Here are the three download links you can use:

Google Play

App Store



There are three pricing plans provided by FamiSafe; monthly, quarterly, and annual. Each has a different quantity in the context of protection. The monthly plan covers 5 devices, the quarterly plan protects 10 devices, and the annual plan covers 30 devices. Meanwhile, if you look at the costs that you have to spend every month, the cheapest annual plan is followed by a quarterly plan.

Here are the details:

Monthly: $ 9.99/month

Quarterly: $ 19.99/3 months

Annual: $ 59.99/year


FamiSafe is a very good mobile location tracker! This is an application that is simple but very effective. You don’t have to be a hacker to know where your child is. With FamiSafe, everything will be so easy. Imagine! With only a maximum of $ 10/month, you can protect him from the various risks that may occur due to their online activities. Thank you for reading and good luck!


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