Powder Coating: Is it Worth It?

Powder Coating: Is it Worth It?

The secret is out. Most aftermarket bumpers are finished in black. From a few feet away, it may seem like regular paint. But any car guy will tell you that chances are extremely high of that bumper being powder coated.

As opposed to regular paint, powder coating is much more durable. But the process is much more labor-intensive when compared to a wet paint application. However, the outcome is a rock-solid finish that is ready to hit all any trails you can think of.

Let’s have a look at the common pros and cons of powder coating and why it is still the best choice for aftermarket bumpers. Hammerhead truck bumpers, for example, choose to powder coat all their products simply because of the longevity it provides.

Pros and Cons



As opposed to regular paint, powder coating is much more durable. The application requires the finish to be baked in, creating a much tougher finish. It is more labor-intensive but provides stellar results in the end.


Unlike paint, powder coating will last much longer. It is designed to take impacts such as rock chips and scratched much better. It may not be as shiny as a paint’s, but that doesn’t matter when going off-road.



Yes, powder coating is much more expensive than traditional paint. The main reason is the additional equipment needed. For the powder coat to cure, it needs to be baked in a special oven at a certain temperature. This extra equipment can add to the initial cost, therefore costing you extra.


As previously mentioned, the additional labor needed to apply powder coating is another main reason for the high cost. In our opinion though, it is highly worth it.

Can I Buy Non-Powder Coated Bumpers?

A reputable site like BumperStock.com only works with the best brands in the business. As a result, most of the products sold are available in a powder-coated finish only.

The truth is that you can still purchase bare metal bumpers or painted bumpers. But we do not recommend either one as it will not be a good choice in the long run. Besides, if a better product can be had at the same price, why not choose it.

Do I Need A Powder Coated Bumper?

Anyone with a truck will enjoy the benefits of an aftermarket powder-coated bumper. It doesn’t matter if you are using the pickup for work or play. At one point or another, having the durability of a bumper with a custom finish will come in handy.

Planning to just paint over your old bumper? Don’t do it! We can almost guarantee that your first time out, loose rocks or branches will damage the finish.

Where Can I Find Powder Coated Bumper?

Hands down, Bumperstock.com is the best source for powder-coated bumpers. They are one of the best dealers for manufacturers such as Hammerhead, Ranch Hand, Fab Fours, and many more. Check them out today!


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