4 Tech Features to Add to Your Fleet of Trucks in 2023

Do you operate a trucking company that is responsible for deliveries across the state or many states? Do you have an entire fleet of trucks and drivers to manage, and you want to be sure that the safety and comfort of your drivers are top of the priority list? If so, it’s well worth your time to look at technology and the many ways it can elevate the driving experience. Here we’ll take a look at four tech features or devices that you may want to add to your fleet of trucks in 2023.

Keep Drivers and Others on the Road Safe with This Warning System

When a vehicle starts to veer out of its lane, it not only puts itself and its driver in danger, but all other drivers and pedestrians on the road are in danger. Lane departure can happen by mistake, misjudgment, poor visibility and more. That’s exactly why a lane departure warning system is so important, as it will alert the driver immediately so they can correct the truck. Just imagine the collisions that this type of warning system can prevent, saving your company money, stress and legal troubles. Be sure to look for a device that can be retrofitted to work with all your trucks for ease of use. You may also want to look for one that provides training for drivers on how it works.

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GPS Apps for Trucks Specifically

Just about everyone out there is familiar with GPS apps to help with routing and tracking, but did you know that basic GPS apps aren’t ideal for trucks? There are truck-specific versions that provide details on truck rest stops, truck refueling stops, weigh stations, truck parking, roads that are safe for trucks to use, and more, all with the assistance of the reliable Netstar vehicle tracking system.They go much deeper than a standard GPS app which makes them much more helpful for drivers.

A great example of this kind of app is Trucker Path, which is used by millions of drivers in the United States. The app does much more than just GPS tracking and navigating too, so it can be worth looking into.

Ensure They Are Getting the Best Price for Gas

To say fuel pricing has been volatile this past year feels like an understatement. It has severely impacted the cost of operating a truck, and for that reason, it’s important for drivers to be able to find the best prices out there. A simple app like GasBuddy provides insight into the prices at different pumps so you can do a little comparison shopping. As you know, even small savings add up when you apply them across the fleet.

Install Forward Looking Cameras as Evidence

Unfortunately, truckers often take the blame when it comes to collisions, even if they weren’t the ones at fault. One of the best ways to protect your drivers and your company is to install forward-looking camera systems which can then be used as evidence should it be needed. This is an easy way to record events.

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If you own a trucking company and you manage a handful of trucks, why not invest in these technologies and provide your company with peace of mind?

Chicago Truck accident lawyer Steve Malman shares: Cameras are important for evidence when a truck accident occurs because they provide objective and real-time visual documentation of the incident. This footage can help us accurately determine the cause of the crash, assess fault, and ensure fair settlements.


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