How to Protect your Company Against Data Exfiltration

How to Protect your Company Against Data Exfiltration

This article will explain data exfiltration and detail the best tips to protect your business against this form of data theft and misuse. The statistics show that there has been a steady increase in data exfiltration over the course of 2021, and these numbers look set to continue into 2022. Data theft is becoming more strategic, and therefore there needs to be a serious rethink of the measures you need to have in place to defend against this.

What is data Exfiltration

The most basic of explanation of the term data exfiltration is the removal, theft, or any movement of data from a device without the owner’s knowledge or permission. Click here to get a full professional explanation of exfiltration from the experts. It is somewhat different from data leaks. For there to be exfiltration, it entails the purposeful unauthorized removal or theft of data or simply the loss or exposure through other means.

How to defend against data theft and misuse.

Have a full system and event management process

Monitoring data and processes from a centralized dashboard where all transfers of data, requests for data, and locations of access are noted and monitored is one of the best ways to keep on top and in control of your company data.

Strong passwords

One of the easiest ways for hackers to gain access to company and personal information is through weak passwords. Employees and users should change passwords regularly and make sure that they are not simply generic and easy to figure out.

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Encrypt all valuable and sensitive information

Scrambling readable text and data so that it is unreadable in transit and can only be accessed by someone with the decryption key or password. The encrypted or ciphertext cannot be read or accessed and as such, cannot be stolen.

Use the most up to date software for security

Using outdated security software will be one of the simplest ways for hackers to gain entry. The latest software has elements of machine learning and will be able to detect fake emails and understand patterns of behavior using vast amounts of historical data to ensure that your data and information remain safe more readily. Plus, keeping your software up to date means that it will be better equipped to deal with new tactics.

End user and employee training

One of the best ways to keep data safe is to ensure that those who use the information, input it, and access such data understand the need for heightened security. There also needs to be consequences written into employee terms of conditions so that they are fully aware of the results of poor security and any internal security risks.

There are some incredibly simple ways to avoid what has become one of the biggest risks and threats of modern business. The theft and misuse of business data and information have become big business and unless you defend against this form of fraud and theft, your business simply won’t cut it in a highly competitive information age.

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