Quick Ways to Convert Anonymous Website Visitors into Customers

Quick Ways to Convert Anonymous Website Visitors into Customers
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Almost 98% of your visitors prefer staying anonymous when they visit your website. Often, this leads to the recognition of only 2-5% of the audience.

Targeting and tracking anonymous visitors on your website is one of the unappreciated activities that marketers perform. So, how do you go about this activity?

Before that, let’s understand the different kinds of  site visitors.

Site visitors who do not share their contact information like phone numbers or email addresses are considered as unknown visitors. Usually, first-time visitors or regular visitors that are not present in your CRM software come under this category.

Known visitors are likely to share email addresses that can help you recognize them.

Following are some ways through which you can track and convert unknown visitors into known visitors-

  • Track unknown visitors with a website engagement tool
  • Seek visitor consent to share web push notifications
  • Classify your visitors
  • Trace user location with their consent
  • Introduce web pop-ups as per user behavior and actions
  • Gamification and optimal use of lead forms

Track Unknown Visitors with a Website Engagement Tool

You can integrate JavaScript with engagement tools on your website. The engagement tool or marketing automation platform can make note of new visitors on your website.

The platform will create a unique ID that can further be used to recognize the profile. You can obtain updated information of user visits.

Seek Visitor Consent to Share Web Push Notifications

The subscription rate for web push notification is approximately between 5-10%, however it is industry-dependent.

Once you enable web notifications, users will receive a notification when they visit your website. When they click on the Allow button, you are likely to receive user updates.

The advantage is that you don’t have to specifically ask for user identification. This way you can reach your potential audience easily.

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Classify Your Visitors

There are different ways and parameters to classify your unknown visitors.One effective way is on basis of their subscription date and frequency of web notifications.

To understand it better, a higher recency indicates higher frequency of web notifications for unknown visitors. Besides, classifying your visitors helps you understand their behavior, likes, and dislikes. This information can be further utilized for web notifications.

Trace Visitor’s Location with Their Consent

Visitor location is an excellent type of information. You don’t want to intrude your visitor privacy and trace their location without their consent. They probably might not revisit your website.

Instead, make provision to send a web notification to obtain their consent. You can track their location and send them custom notifications based on their preferences and searches.

For instance, if you are a food/retail owner, then you can send monthly custom offers to your customers. This will help you to stay connected with them, send timely reminders, and offer better services.

Introduce Web Pop-Ups as Per User Behavior and Actions

Web pop-ups are highly-effective. It is observed that they provide over 25-30% click rates based on your message.So you need to  use catchy and relevant messages to obtain an increased number of clicks.

One of the best tricks is to use web pop-ups based on the browser history of the user. A user’s online activity can help you send a pop-up notification to a potential customer and convert it into an actual sale.

There are different ways to introduce and display web pop-ups of which a few are discussed as follows:

  • Source- A direct ad about your product and offer helps you bring clarity. The user can directly visit your website and place their order; they don’t get misled to other random pages. For instance, you can inform users about first-order discounts on the Facebook ads.
  • Based on Their Visits- It is important to note visits of users and accordingly use web pop-ups. For example, you can provide a lucrative offer to a potential user who has visited your website for the first-time.
  • Average Time Spent on the Page– Primarily, it is important to give sufficient time to a new user to navigate your website at least for about 50-55 seconds. With this time in hand they can learn more about your product and purchase process. Research states that an ideal time for web pop-up is 50-55 seconds after the user has surfed your page. You can trace the time through the Google Analytics dashboard.
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With in-depth research, you can learn more about web pop-ups and the right time to use them.

Gamification and Optimal Use of Lead Forms

Share a lead form with your users to motivate them to share their identity; in return offer them a coupon, discount, or ebook. This strategy will help you to generate leads.

Gamification can be an effective source to engage with your users. Users are more likely to play a spin-the-wheel game and spend more time on your page. You have an increased number of regular visitors and email subscribers.

You can plan to acquire more information through online visitors when they enter/exit the page or when they scroll through it. They are likely to spend more time on pages they are interested in.

Following are a few questions that you should ask before approaching these users-

  • What is the exact percentage of the traffic of your app or page? This information will help you concentrate on valuable assets.
  • Which is the best source to obtain maximum traffic? (Though you have multiple sources, you need to zero down on a couple of prominent sources; you can then use these sources to effectively communicate with the users).
  • Trace the behavioral track of users (when they land on the home page, which pages do they visit. This will help you direct them to the right page and create a flow).
  • Which are the most viewed pages on your website? (This information will help you enhance other pages on your website).

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