Finding a Top-Rated Certified Public Accountant (CPA) is Now Easy with Ageras

Finding a Top-Rated Certified Public Accountant (CPA) is Now Easy with Ageras

That’s right! When business accounting service marketplace partners like Ageras are by your side, the process of finding a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) becomes quick, easy and effortless. Why only CPAs, you can now get access to all the certified tax preparers, personal tax accountants, chartered accountants, external auditors, audit firms, bookkeepers and payroll service providers in the US, in a jiffy. You just need to mention your specific job role and requirements, by filling out an online form, and receive 3 competitive quotes within a short span of 48 hours. No matter where you’re located, you’re presented with the information of some of the leading accounting service providers, firms and certified chartered accountants that are always ready to serve your business accounting needs. Especially, if you’re looking for a CPA that can offer strategic advice, in matters related to income/sales tax, accounts, tax return files, tax audit and more.

A Certified Public Accountant can play a key role in managing your final accounts, filing taxes, assisting your company or business with IRS tax audits and a gamut of financial consulting services. This helps in managing your finance in an effective way, thus planning for your future company growth. A professional CPA can provide strategic advice in matters pertaining to yearly tax filing, thus helping you save from the hassles of cumbersome and painstaking documentation & paperwork, which is a big headache. So it is business partners like “Ageras” that can provide you with some of the most credible information about the best CPAs near you. It can be in any city of the US.

How the Process of Finding a CPA Works

It is very easy and simple to understand. When you visit Ageras, you get to view an online application form, which is to be submitted by the client or the recipient of the service. Just fill-in all your company details and the type of business accounting service you need, and get 3 ‘no obligation’ quotes within a day or two. So, after receiving these business quotes, you can compare it with other accounting firms, and select a CPA near me or you that perfectly suits your job description and role. Mind you, these are some of the most reputable accounting firms in your city that offer a wide range of corporate tax & business accounting services. It can be an IRS audit, bookkeeping, company payroll service or filing income tax returns. And, all such entities are licensed and certified. So, you can always trust the business leads and information provided by a partner like Ageras that has the best information source, leads and resources.

The Job Description of a Certified Public Accountant

  • Full Tax Services

A CPA usually advises a client on corporate tax related issues to its client and prepares future strategies on minimizing the burden of taxes. A certified public accountant, or for that matter a personal tax accountant also goes on to prepare and file yearly tax returns to the concerned government department. It can be filing federal tax, sales tax, income tax and professional tax. They also assist individuals and organizations for minimizing their tax related obligations, thus helping save a lot of revenue. As a matter of fact, a CPA firm can assist a client during an IRS audit when government tax authorities ask multiple questions.

  • Audit & Assurance Services

The most important role and job of a CPA is to perform an audit for the accounting process of a company, individual or an organization. After carrying out a full evaluation of the financial statements, the hired CPA provides an general overview or opinion from an auditor’s point of view, and thereafter distributes the finding to a third party. Certified Public Accountants also provide assurance services that enhance the quality of financial information. The real purpose is to ensure that the financial accounting information provided is accurate.

  • Financial Management

CPAs also provide financial management & planning, so that a client is able to make informed decisions regarding owning an asset or a new business that is put on the block for sale. It also involves handling and effectively managing the day-to-day financial transactions of a company, and thereafter providing long-term and strategic planning. Among the activities, it includes cash planning, financial planning, budgeting, strategic tax planning, tax audit, final bookkeeping, etc.

Who is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA)?

A CPA is an accountant, working for a business partner, which can be a company, organization, entity or an individual. The hired firm or the CPA provides an extensive range of business accounting, tax, audit and bookkeeping services, apart from tax advisory services. It is a company tax audit that a CPA is usually certified to perform. It can be a monthly or a yearly audit. When compared to a personal tax accountant or a chartered accountant near me, CPAs have a higher level of expertise. When it comes to choosing between a CPA and a non-CPA firm for handling all the company’s accounting and taxation related affairs, a client would always choose the former. Here, you need to understand that a general accountant handles, prepares and maintains financial statements, cash transaction records, tax files, prepares tax reports, final accounts, balance sheets and maintains a financial database. Whereas, a Certified Public Accountant is better informed about tax codes and provides assistance to clients in the event of an IRS tax audit. With their certification, expertise and qualification as a licensed accounting, taxation & audit service provider, CPAs go on to command a greater respect and demand from business clients, when compared to a personal accountant.


It is to be noted here that a full-time Certified Public Accountant (CPA) firm and its services are required by almost all business entities and organizations that file yearly tax returns and perform all kinds of financial transactions and cash dealings. An organization with an employee structure, a payroll system and which generates revenue, must hire a CPA to effectively handle all finance, tax and accounts related issues. It can be yearly tax preparation, IT return filing, bookkeeping, payroll services, preparing for IRS audits, performing surprise tax audits, assurance and checking for financial or monetary irregularities. And, when you’ve partnered with “Ageras”, you get to find the best CPAs in town or in your city in the US, for easy hiring. It is all about the quality of information shared on this website or service portal about some of the leading public accountants and auditors that makes a big difference to your long-term business goals.


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