Real Estate Digital Marketing Strategy: 10 Ways to Boost Sales

Real Estate Digital Marketing Strategy: 10 Ways to Boost Sales

If you are a homeowner or work in the real estate industry, you must have noticed a shift in the way people are shopping for homes in the last decade. 51% of buyers found the home they purchased from the Internet.

It is why it is important to have a strong digital presence for your real estate agency.

It’s simple: online presence = customers = sales. Period.

Let’s learn how your real estate agency can create a solid presence online so you can boost sales.

1. Use Email

Using email campaigns to connect with your customers is important. It is a vital tool to engage with new clients. The campaign should have a pre-set template based on your customer profile and any previous interactions you have had with them.

Keep your content relevant so your customers can benefit from the information. Email marketing is definitely where the great potential is for return.

2. Create a Website

Having a website isn’t a new thing for real estate agents. But the way you design your website now is more important than ever. Having a site that is cluttered and slow will not give your customers a good impression.

If your site functionality is limited on mobile phones, that is again a problem. Everyone uses their phone to view sites, so it is important for your site to be responsive. Your site needs to be customer friendly and so having live chat software is a good idea.

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3. Try Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay Per Click or PPC advertising is basically paying for customers to visit your site. If you do not track this properly, it can become very expensive. You need to have an analytics system so that you can track your customers and know where they came from. You want to know if the clicks actually generated leads.

4. Create Blog Content

You cannot overestimate the importance of creating regular blog content. If you are a real estate agent or own an agency and are not blogging, you are already behind in your digital marketing strategy.

Offering useful content and tips to your customers is important for engagement. Websites that have blogs have 434% more indexed pages.

5. Invest in Real Estate CRM

Having a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) that you can use to manage your interactions with customers is important. Try and make sure you have one that is built especially for a real estate agency.  Utilizing a dedicated real estate agent CRM can optimize your workflow and improve client relationships.

The Real Estate CRM is a great CRM tool that has relevant features. It will help you create marketing campaigns like email automation, drip marketing, and marketing funnel automation. It will also help you track customer engagement by providing notifications.

6. Have a Social Media Marketing Strategy

Having a pre-planned plan when it comes to posting to your social media pages is important. If you set out to create batch create posts and schedule them, it will save you time. You need to provide relevant content that is varied and to see more engagement with your followers.

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If you are not using Instagram, you need to start. It is a great way to provide visual pictures to followers of what you have to offer.

7.  Take your Tours Virtual

COVID-19 has tested how we do business. We need to adapt to changing situations. Customers are now looking online to check homes before they visit them physically.

In order to do this, make sure of the following:

  • You have real videos of the home rather than digital illustrations.
  • Your video can be viewed on a mobile phone.
  • You can use your phone to take the video, but it should be a high-quality smartphone if you can invest in a drone that is better.

8. Use Google Analytics

It goes without saying that your website should have Google Analytics installed so you can monitor your insights. It is important to see how long your visits are staying on your site and how your posts are doing.

It will help you tailor your posts to increase visitors and the length of time they stay. This is an important part of your digital marketing strategy.

9. Generate SEO Content

If you are really serious about making sure your digital marketing plan is a success, then you need to create SEO content. This is important so that your sites rank higher on search engine results per page (SERPs).

In order to do this, you need to:

  • Use keywords
  • Backlinks
  • Meta tags
  • Update your blog

10. Participate in Webinars or Online Events

Speaking in a webinar or an online event is a great way to get free exposure. It establishes yourself as an expert in your field. And any marketing material from the event will help to drive your brand across the internet. This can help you generate leads that can convert into sales.

You can also host your own webinar as there are so many platforms available now that you can easily use.

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