Yo!Rent – Rental eCommerce Software Review

Yo!Rent – Rental eCommerce Software Review

Regular eCommerce solutions are dedicated to conduct online sales operations. However, the business models of some businesses do not have selling as a business proposition. For example, rental and subscription businesses.

Although the modern eCommerce solutions have been optimized to support buyer subscriptions, the technology is not so advanced when it comes to facilitating rental operations. Due to this, several rental businesses, such as equipment rental, car rental or furniture rental, have to opt for custom website development, which is both time consuming and expensive. 

In 2022, that is no longer the case. Yo!Rent is one such online rental software that has been dedicated to facilitate rental operations on the web and supports B2C, B2B, C2B (multi-vendor marketplace) and P2P (peer-to-peer) verticals. 

What value does Yo!Rent hold for you? Let’s look into that now:

What is Yo!Rent?

Yo!Rent is a rental marketplace solution developed by FATbit Technologies to streamline online rental operations. In its research, the company figured out the various complexities and problems in eCommerce rental operations, such as fear of theft, rental product damage, longer decision making period, varying legal obligations, etc.

All these issues made it immensely difficult to launch a rental website from regular eCommerce solutions like Wix and Shopify. To resolve them, FATbit worked on its very own solution, i.e.Yo!Rent. 

Dividing into four fronts: UX, UI, basic functionality and advanced functionalities, Yo!Rent encompasses every feature that is required to make complex online rental business ideas viable. It also has rent-centric features like rental security management, document verification and custom cancellation periods to simplify rental operations. The user journey and workflows of Yo!Rent rental eCommerce software are developed to promote easy-navigation and enhance the overall browsing experience. 

With the latest update of Yo!Rent, i.e.,Yo!Rent V3, the solution even comes with three distinctive designs, which are equipment rental, automobile rental and dress rental. All these designs come with industry-specific features and functionality to develop a highly reliable and efficient rental store. 

Salient Features of Yo!Rent 

  • Rental Security Management: Rental business owners always face the risk of customers damaging their products. Yo!Rent has a rental security feature that allows the business owner to collect a security deposit to cover any such damages. The business owner can also use the security to deduct any late cancellation or late return charges.
  • Document Verification: Some rental businesses, such as automobile rental and heavy equipment rental require business owners to verify several legal documents before accepting the order. For example, to lend a car, business owners may need to verify the driving license of the customer. Heavy equipment rental operations can require commercial documents and the customer’s business name as well. To support all such requirements, Yo!Rent has a document verification feature. 
  • eSign and Agreement Management: On multi-vendor rental stores, different vendors can have multiple terms and conditions. To sanction those, Yo!Rent comes with a pre-integrated eSign and agreement management feature that allows vendors to upload shop agreements and get them signed by customers at check out. 
  • Product Inspection: Yo!Rent also allows customers to inspect the product on delivery and report any damages. With this feature, the customer can accept the product along with the damages or request a return or refund. 
  • Custom Cancellation Policies: Rental businesses can face huge losses if customers cancel the order while it is still in process (cleaning, inspection, delivery, etc.). To recover such losses, Yo!Rent has a custom cancellation policy module where it allows business owners to create multiple cancellation slabs. Each slab has varying cancellation charges that assist the business owner in recovering order processing charges.
  • Product Comparison: Making a selection between multiple products is difficult. The need for carefully selecting a product further increases while renting out a second-hand product that might have been used by so many people. Thus, to assist customers in this selection process, Yo!Rent comes with a product comparison feature that allows customers to compare up to four products at once with the help of pre-assigned attributes. 
  • Map View: Small-sized rental business or peer-to-peer rental businesses can benefit from the map view filter that displays all listings over a map. The map filter makes the platform user-friendly for customers and also assists in finding the right rental product much faster. 
  • Multicurrency and Multilingual: Yo!Rent is also multilingual and multi currency to support cross-border operations. These two features make it a reliable system to launch a rental store that caters to a diverse audience of non-english speakers as well as tourists. 
  • Rental Add-ons: Several rental products need to be complemented with some add-on products or services, for example, to use a rented printer, a customer can need multiple ink cartridges. Similarly, customers renting dresses can be offered dry cleaning services as an add-on. Sofa sets can have covers and cars can have miles as an add-on. To support all such add-on requirements that can help the business owners in upselling products, Yo!Rent features a rental add-ons module. These add-ons are optional and are shown to the customer during the checkout process. 
  • Personalization: Yo!Rent also comes with the option to personalize the theme as per owner preference. It has options to change the theme color, select font family, and change font size and color. The business owner can also edit the homepage slider and add or remove multiple sections on the homepage. Re-arrangement of sections, content blocks, and featured listings is also possible on Yo!Rent. 
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Pros of Yo!Rent Rental Software

  • Readymade solution: Yo!Rent is a readymade rental software solution with all basic and advanced features to automate online rental operations. 
  • Fully Customizable: It is also fully customizable to support any unique software requirements of entrepreneurs.
  • Supports Third-party Integrations: Yo!Rent rental business software supports a diverse range of third-party APIs for functionality extension and to provide business owners with the choice of business tools they trust.
  • Self-Hosted Solution: Yo!Rent is a self-hosted solution. Meaning, it leaves the choice of selecting the hosting provider to the business owner. He/She can select a third-party hosting service or can host the platform on his/her own servers. 
  • Industry-Specific Designs: Entrepreneurs also get industry-specific designs for heavy equipment, automobile, and dress rental niches with Yo!Rent V3. These designs incorporate color psychology for trust-building purposes and also have industry-specific functionality.
  • One-Year of Free Technical Support: The team behind Yo!Rent is also providing one year of free technical support to its clients. The support is liable to the company’s terms and conditions. 
  • Unlimited Listings: For seamless operations and business growth, Yo!Rent supports multiple product listings, user profiles, and the number of transactions. 
  • Zero Transaction Fees: Yo!Rent charges zero transaction fees on any transactions made through its platform. *Note that any third-party payment gateway that you select for payment processing can have its own transaction fees, which is not charged by Yo!Rent. 
  • Available at One Time Payment: Unlike SaaS solutions that come with recurring fees, Yo!Rent comes with a one-time payment, after which you can obtain its lifetime usage license. 
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Cons of Yo!Rent Software

  • No Automatic Updates: One prominent con of Yo!Rent is that there are no cloud updates. For each upgrade, business owners are required to contact FATbit Technologies.
  • Plugin integrations require manual programming, for which business owners need to contact FATbit Technologies. They cannot get the integration done from an outside party, which may void the one-year free technical support.


Due to the complex requirements of online rental businesses, it is not possible for Yo!Rent to set specific pricing for its eCommerce software. Thus, Yo!Rent is currently available on a quotation basis. To get their quote, interested entrepreneurs need to share expected project requirements via contact us page and Yo!Rent official team will get back to them in a short while. 


Yo!Rent has received the following ratings:

  • 5.0 on Sourceforge
  • 4.5 on G2
  • 8.0 on Finances Online with 93% user satisfaction
  • 4.0 on Software Suggest 
  • 5.0 on Slashdot
  • 5.0 on Serchen

User Reviews 

  • If you are looking for a complete platform, quality after-sales support, and a serious company, YO RENT will be your choice,” uploaded by a user on G2.
  • What I like most about this software is that it is an advanced rental market platform that adapts to any rental company, providing a solution that helps them launch their own rental market and connect to a wider range of customers and to grow your company. Another quality that you like is the websites since they are designed to be compatible with the search engines, ensuring that our business is always visible to people who use the search engines for queries related to renting,” uploaded by a user on G2
  • “Complete and ideal platform for rental solutions. Easy, built for the rental business, good features, and good customer support.” uploaded by a user on Sourceforge.


Instant Demos: Yo!Rent has also uploaded free and instant demos of the software on its official website. To access these demos, visitors are not required to provide any contact info, payment info, or login credentials. You can check various demos of Yo!Rent here:  https://www.yo-rent.com/yo-rent-versions-demo.html 

Personalized Demos: Yo!Rent personalized face-to-face demos are given by an official representative of the rental software. The official also resolves any doubts and queries of interested parties and helps them understand the functionality and usability of the rental software specific to their business. To book a personal demo of Yo!Rent, visit the official website.

Wrap Up

Based on all its features, functionalities, design, and captivating demos, Yo!Rent is capable of handling diverse online rental operations. Its well-researched features and value proposition solution reduce the need for any customizations extremely low. When compared with SaaS solutions, Yo!Rent is highly economic in the long run. It supports an unlimited number of users and transactions, plus is available at a one-time cost. 

As per our research, Yo!Rent is rated very high by renowned software review companies and has impressive customer reviews. In the end, you can view its instant demo or request for a personal demo to get more info on how Yo!Rent can help you with your online rental business requirements.

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