Responsibilities of an Estate Planning Lawyer

Nobody can predict when an unfortunate incident might happen and take someone’s life. Untimely deaths can become a problem for some people who have wealth and assets to pass on to their family members. However, doing it is not that easy without a Will to indicate which person gets the particular assets.

If you have real estate to leave behind to your loved ones, you must hire the services of estate planning lawyers. Doing so ensures you create an effective plan recognized under the current state laws. This is critical if you do not want your loved ones to go through a lengthy process of owning the assets you leave behind. If you are new to hiring Atlanta estate attorneys, you must learn their different responsibilities.

Create Your Will

Some people think that creating a Will is as easy as writing an essay or letter because all you need to write is who gets your real estate. Note that a Will has different elements that the writer needs to consider if they want it to pass local and state laws. In some cases, poorly written Wills are not accepted under the laws, causing the deceased person’s family members to get little or nothing.

But when you have the assistance of an estate planning lawyer, you can expect that you can achieve a perfectly written Will. They make sure that your Will is valid, precise and does not leave anything out. You do not want your property passing onto the wrong person, so your estate planning lawyer is always on top of your Will.

Appointing Your Beneficiaries

Sometimes, you will need professional advice from estate planning lawyers while deciding whom to give your real estate to. Note that some people who create their Will would leave it to family members that do not know what to do with the real estate. Fortunately, your lawyer can give you statistics on who gets the real estate and if they are qualified to own them.

They usually pick family members with a good background in handling money and avoid ones that have a reputation for causing trouble within the family. If you want your property to fall into the right hands, make sure that your lawyer is with you while creating your Will.

Find Ways to Reduce or Avoid Tax

When you leave your real estate to your family members, they might encounter tax problems that could force them to sell the property. But when you hire a lawyer to assist you with your Will, they can also help them reduce or avoid tax.

Find Ways to Avoid Probate Court Process

After you pass away, an attorney or estate executor initiates the probate. They authenticate your Will, permit your executor to give out your estate to beneficiaries, and pay taxes that you may owe to the state. It is usually a lengthy process that can take as long as 24 months, and you want your family members or beneficiaries to live in your real estate right away.

But with the help of an estate planning lawyer, they can find ways to help your beneficiaries avoid going through the probate court process.

If you still do not have an estate planning lawyer, look for one as quickly as possible to ensure that your assets are distributed and protected correctly. The estate planning lawyers help you with various steps starting from drafting your Will to distributing your property to your loved ones. You can relax and leave the hassles of the legal procedures involved in passing on your real estate to the lawyers.

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