RouteGenie NEMT Software: The one-stop solution for NEMT companies

RouteGenie NEMT Software: The one-stop solution for NEMT companies

Healthcare transportation is as important as other transportations. Efficient healthcare transportation is the necessity of the day. But how do we make it efficient? This question arises in the mind of every healthcare worker and people going through health issues.

However, gone are the days where we could point out the shortcomings of the healthcare system because RouteGenie is here with the best healthcare transportation solutions. RouteGenie is a transportation software company that helps NEMT companies to manage their transportation. RouteGenie creates software for the NEMT companies that can manage every aspect of healthcare transport.

More about RouteGenie

What RouteGenie does is help transportation companies by creating software that manages everything from booking to pick up and drop. Through the software, every need of the customer can remain satisfied.

NEMT companies face several problems like they need unnecessary vehicles due to poor planning. If these companies manage all these through our software, many problems can be solved with ease. A lot of money can also be saved when you cut down on these unnecessary things.

RouteGenie Team Consists of extremely talented software developers who work as a team to bring the best outcome. This team works to fulfil all the needs of their customer.

Features of RoutGenie NEMT Software

RouteGenie NMT software manages all non-emergency medical transportation works and processes such as scheduling, routing, driver and vehicle management, and optimization of trip requests. Besides, it also manages and deals with everyday NEMT challenges such as traffic issues, vehicle breakdowns, driver call-offs, cancellations, will calls, no shows, on-demand trips, add-on trips, and many more.

Some of its best features are

  • generating well-planned routes and schedules,
  • providing great vehicle and driver,
  • keeping driver’s data,
  • generating trip requests and ratings,
  • supporting cross-platform usage,
  • providing immediate upgrades to dispatchers,
  • improving billing accuracy,
  • supporting GPS vehicle tracking,
  • creating paperless billing,
  • creating notifications for clients,
  • simplifying payrolls,
  • improving on-time performance,
  • providing real-time visibility for dispatchers.
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Main features of RouteGenie

Pre-RouteGenie feature

RouteGenie customers have experienced an average 10-20 % reduction in vehicles on the roads. This is because RouteGenie provides the most efficient schedule every day based on the capacity of your vehicles, thus minimizing your cost.

ImportGenie feature

The transportation companies must have up-to-date information about the trips that they book for. Therefore, the importGenie feature provides top-notch arrangements and integrations, ensuring seamless flow of all the information to your systems.

NoShowGenie feature

With the NoShowGenie feature, the dispatchers and drivers or other people from the transportation company can communicate better with passengers or customers to prevent no shows. Besides, trips that get potential no shows remain identified and confirmed before they get dispatched.

BillingGenie feature

This feature allows you to record and show all the transactions, and even payments can be made from here. It generates all kinds of billing, be it broker billing or paper invoices. However, you need to make your files ready and only send invoices, and tracking payments becomes easy.

FleetGenie feature

It is very important to maintain your fleet and ensure that your fleet is reliable and certified. This FleetGenie feature keeps you alert, thus helping you to keep your vehicles properly inspected, insured, and certified.

HRGenie feature

It is important for NEMT companies to not only manage for customers but also manage their employees. HRGenie feature helps you manage your employees, right from hiring them and keeping track of their work. You can even keep track of their documents, license renewals, certificates, commissions and more.

DispatchGenie feature

A lot of trips are scheduled every day, and also there can be chances of issues such as no shows, vehicle breakdowns and others. For situations like these, the DispatchGenie feature becomes of much help as it automatically makes live dispatching decisions and multi-loading trips.

CustomerGenie App

Till now, we learned how RouteGenie helps the NEMT Companies. However, it is not meant only for the transportation companies as the CustomerGenie app is here for your customers to get in touch with you and update them regularly.

DriversGenie App

Drivers are perhaps the most important part of any transportation company. So it is important to provide with certain time-saving facilities as well. With the DriversGenie app, the driver gets live instructions and updates from the dispatch office. This helps prevent some grave problems such as customer’s no shows, changed decisions, and others. Besides, this app also collects payments and signatures, thus doing away with miscalculations and trust issues.

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Advantages of RouteGenie

RouteGenie NEMT Software is the best-designed software that has served and satisfied the NEMT companies’ needs.  This has been highly convenient and suitable for both small and big NEMT companies and their employees and customers. Here are some of the advantages of RouteGenie NEMT software.

  • It optimizes routes and schedules and assesses the needs of the passengers on what type of vehicle they need and how many, saving dispatcher’s, drivers, and the passengers time. Since there is the DriverGenie app for drivers, the drivers get regular instructions and updates from the dispatcher’s office, and their route is also directed. Therefore, this NEMT software has been really helpful for drivers, allowing them to prevent unnecessary mistakes and do their duty on time.
  • It helps the passengers select the right vehicle and driver according to their needs, which indeed helps the dispatchers assign the task to the most qualified and experienced employee to handle that particular trip. The driver’s time and unnecessary labour are saved as the most appropriate vehicle, and the driver will be dispatched based on the customer’s need. So there will be no chance of passengers being dissatisfied with the service, vehicle, or driver.
  • RouteGenie NEMT software helps everyone involved save a lot of time as this software ensures on-time performance. Everything from pick-up to drop-off happens at the exact time without any delays.
  • Another big advantage that comes with this NEMT software is streamlining billing and payments. It shares digital invoices to the clients via email, thus gaining credibility. It even helps create PDFs of the bills and payments instantly.
  • With the efficient management of the app, car fuel get saved as it helps avoid unnecessary drives.

Final Takeaway

RoutGenie NEMT software is the one-stop solution for NEMT companies, their employees, and their customers. The software is versatile, and it makes things easier for everyone involved in the process of transportation.

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