New Features of Yo!Rent Multi-Vendor Rental Software

New Features of Yo!Rent Multi-Vendor Rental Software

The rental economy branched off into various niches in the past decade and introduced digital growth opportunities for thousands of rental businesses. To keep up with the budding opportunities and fulfill the demands  of business owners in diverse niches, we worked hard to develop the new version of our robust rental software Yo!Rent

The new version, Yo!Rent V3 adds an abundance of new features and enhancements such as industrial design, payment gateways and color psychology to streamline your business. 

New Features and Enhancements Made in Yo!Rent V3

Identifying the common digital transformation objectives, such as business exposure, automation, streamlined management and faster revenue generation, our team introduced several new features and enhancements in Yo!Rent 2.0. 

Below, we have categorized them all:

Rental Management Features

Pick Up Module

There are various instances when customers prefer self-pickup in comparison to delivery. It happens when renting out products from the same city and especially in automobile niches. To support self-pickup, we added the following features in Yo!Rent 2.0:

  • Custom self-pickup slots
  • Warehouse and store linked pickup locations

Document Verification

Automobile and heavy equipment rental businesses require appropriate verification before renting out equipment to customers. To support this Yo!Rent has the following features:

  • Document verification at the checkout process
  • Mandatory custom fields
  • Admin and vendor defined documentation requirements

Rental Agreements

Different vendors on a rental marketplace can have separate terms and conditions. To sanction those, Yo!Rent V3  offers the following functionalities:

  • Custom rental agreements for each and every vendor
  • Rental agreement eSign at the checkout process

Custom Cancellation Policies

Rental businesses incur a loss on order processing and delivery charges if a customer cancels the booking before the beginning of a rental period. New features to overcome this rental challenge are:

  • Custom cancellation policy with increasing charges
  • The admin can pre-define the cancellation charge for every cancellation period

Product Inspection

Normal wear and tear are expected on rented equipment. However, accepting the product without an inspection can lead to monetary disputes with the vendor on return. Features for product inspection on Yo!Rent are:

  • Reporting of normal wear and tear, existing damages or malfunction
  • Product acceptance with reported defects. Rental period will continue as booked
  • Reporting and product return/cancellation

Rental Add-ons

Customers often purchase or rent some extra services or goods to use the main rented product. For example, ink for printers, throws for furniture, dry cleaning for dresses and insurance for automobiles. Yo!Rent  supports these add-ons by:

  • Offering optional services and products during the checkout process


Map View

Map view makes it easier for customers to browse nearby listings for quick renting. Yo!Rent supports a map view filter for all listings. 

Product Comparisons

Rental products require evaluation in more categories than new products, for example, modifications, defects, usage, terms, etc. With the help of product comparison features, customers can make a fine selection:

  • Comparison up to 4 products at once
  • Create custom attributes for comparison (vendor and admin)

Industrial Designs

Business owners get industry-specific designs that use color psychology to build brand reliability and trust. The industrial designs included in Yo!Rent V3 are equipment rental (for renting out heavy equipment, medical equipment, party supplies, outdoor gear and more), automobile rental (for renting out cars, bikes, boats, RVs and trucks) and dress rental (for renting out designer dresses, bridal wear and costumes). On these designs, owners can:

  • Change color schemes
  • Change font family 
  • Change font color and size 
  • Edit and disable sections
  • Reposition sections
  • Add custom slider images


Along with various new features, Yo!Rent has also been fortified by numerous enhancements in Yo!Rent V3. These enhancements are made to provide a superior user-friendly experience to business owners and improve the ease of use. 

SEO Enhancements

  • New module for image alt tags optimization
  • Schema code management
  • Upgraded URL rewriting based on the website language with canonical tags and 301 redirection
  • Added Google & Bing webmaster verification process in the admin panel

Tax Module Enhancements

  • New enhancement in the tax module that is supportive of single as well as combined tax structures
  • Taxes can be defined based on the locations
  • Seller can’t edit the tax but can view the same in the category section or add a new product form

General Enhancements

  • Added PayPal payment gateway to support the payment via PayPal account or card
  • Updations in the Stripe payment gateway for two factor authentication
  • Seller or Admin can add the category or the brand from the product form
  • Append language code to slug setting
  • Fixed product without option & adding an option with inventory
  • Hot Jar Integration
  • Setting to manage product price inclusive or exclusive of tax
  • Import-export sheet updates
  • PHP 7.4 compatibility
  • Payment gateways integration

Security and Performance Enhancements

  • S3 Bucket and CDN compatibility
  • Security headers for clickjacking, XSS and MIME Types
  • SQL query optimization

UI/UX Related Enhancements

  • Using a mega or hamburger menu on the navigation bar 
  • Left and top display for search or listing filters
  • Sellers are default wise redirected to the inventory management page when clicking on the product menu
  • Admin catalog and seller products splitting into two separate tabs

Advanced Search Module

  • Manageable settings to choose between regular or advanced search module that will display the following:
  1. Related products with associated categories
  2. Related brands and categories according to search string
  3. Search History
  4. The system will redirect to the brand page if the search string matches a brand

Third-Party Payment Gateways

Yo!Rent is now even more powerful with its 20+ payment gateways. Some of these gateways are:

  • Stripe
  • Authorize
  • Paypal
  • PayU Money
  • Paytm
  • PayUBiz
  • Amazon
  • Khippu
  • Omise
  • CCAvenue
  • Razorpay
  • Citrus
  • Brain Tree
  • Payfort

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Supported API Integrations

The capabilities of Yo!Rent V3  do not limit to the aforementioned features and enhancements, but can also be extending as per your business requirements with the help of the following business tools:

  • Taxjar
  • Aftership
  • ShipStation
  • Paypal
  • MailChimp
  • QuickBooks
  • Google Maps
  • Google Analytics
  • Zendesk
  • Avalara
  • MSN Translator

Final TakeAway

Preference for a minimalist lifestyle and emergence of numerous businesses in the rental economy changed the overall consumer outlook towards rental. People started renting products at a never seen before pace and that called for technological intervention. Yo!Rent V3 is dedicated to facilitate seamless rental operations and emphasize the perspectives of both consumers and business owners to launch a robust and versatile online rental store

In case of any questions of feature suggestions, feel free to include them in the comments. 


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