Samsung’s TV Summer Combines Technological Innovation & life-saving elements

Samsung’s TV Summer Combines Technological Innovation & life-saving elements

In recent years Samsung ‘s policy has been mostly innovation-based. Not only in the virtual world, but also in broadcasting. That is real. Samsung is also an industry leader and regularly introduces a number of new items. No change this year, and Samsung has introduced many new products (at least in the Czech market).

New backlight – the next step forward

A new lighting technology called Dual LED is great news which affects all members of TVs this year. As it is known, one LED light takes care not of the backlighting of each point on the screen, but of two. The temperature varies in water.

  • All is gray, with icy, cold light emission. The second is white with a darker glow. The single points are then independently monitored by the imagery system, which allows for better contrast of up to 27%.
  • All of this year’s innovations use Quantum Dot technology and use artificial intelligence services that ensure high contrast and accurate color rendering.


Frame – Television as an art

For many years, the Frame TV series has become very successful worldwide, gaining its supporters on the Czech market since its launch last year. The sales of these art TV stations are said to have well-surpassed estimates by Samsung officials.

Frame TVs are able to cover themselves as an image and thus complete the arrangement of each room in which they are housed. The television owners will access the exclusive Samsung Gallery and pick pictures and photographs from well-known galleries.

Press Photos Picture contest Please submit a photo to the deal early. The photos on TV can be bought either for 30 crowns apiece individually, or as part of a subscription to the complete collection for 150 crowns per month. Proceeds from this service are sent by Samsung directly to galleries to support the digitization of famous works.

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The second design feature is also related to art, which is defined by special frames, which can be used to decorate the TV to make it even more reminiscent of a real picture. Thanks to the mechanical system of handles, the frames can be replaced at any time and there are four color variants to choose from.

This year, the range of Frame TVs has grown by two new features on opposite sides of the diagonal spectrum. New Frame TVs with diagonals of 75 and 32 inches are available. The latter is exceptional in the series – it has a lower resolution (Full HD), but it can be placed on a wall upright.


The second generation of Serif TV is another new innovation in our industry. It is a tool that has a very clear look at first sight and can not be mistaken with something. The key explanation for this is that the signature plastic case, which is the creation of French artists, is the name of the Show. Serif is an allusion to a serif script, and it’s the simple I in the serif font of Serif TV.

There are drawbacks to the distinctive acrylic case. On the one side, the TV is very sturdy, allowing it to be placed on a table or on the floor separately. Therefore, the upper frame of the television can be used as a storage area for decorations or mobile phones. In addition, thanks to the NFC chip, it pairs quickly with the TV when placed, and if music is playing at that moment, it automatically switches to the TV speakers.

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The great advantage of Sherif TV is its easy portability. The TV package includes a special metal pad with legs, on which the TV can be firmly screwed. In this case, the TV can be moved freely around the apartment or house, which can be especially useful in smaller properties. It is possible to easily clean it into a corner.

Television as a big mobile phone

Sero TV, which was unveiled on this year’s CES exhibition and whose success in the world required Samsung to start selling on our market, is at first glance the least typical product that the television division of Samsung has launched for that year.

The TV has a very unique feature: the spinning show. The primary aim of this project is for those who want to use a cell phone to see the image bigger. In specific, videos are mostly captured upright on social networks, and a standard television standing on a longer border makes the video dark and uses the mid-band. More perfect in this and can effectively play both videos shot horizontally and upright.

Final word

When the TV is attached to a Samsung smartphone, the TV itself will automatically respond to the arrangement of applications or pictures and whether the user switches the phone on the same spot.

As for all of the above, the monitor is based on QLED technology and supports up to 4 K resolutions. The resolution of the source system is measured while attaching a cell phone. The pedestal on which the TV is mounted is also a special feature of the Sero TV. This requires a range of powerful speakers and the engine itself that spins around the Led.

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