How to See Instagram Account Without Using Third-Party Apps

How to See Instagram Account Without Using Third-Party Apps

It is a popular demand of many users to find some information about specific people using their social networks. However, such a willingness is destroyed by the privacy settings of the ones you will inspect. 

Instagram is one of the most popular networks now, and people often use it to find something about people they are interested in. However, if you would like to search Instagram followers of the chosen person, you will not be able to do that if the profile is hidden. So today, we are going to show you the best ways to examine Instagram accounts.

Integral Instagram Tools To See Profiles

If you would like to always know about people you care about, you should know that Instagram provides you with a pretty comfortable tool. Supervision is a great feature, however, it works only with kids’ profiles. 

It is pretty simple to use this feature, and here is how:

  • First, you need to send the invite for the supervision to the user you are interested in. However, the user must be below the age of 18. 
  • Secondly, the user has to accept this offer. 

But keep in mind that such a method of supervision will not be anonymous. Although you will not have to be subscribed to the profile you are interested in, you will still have to send the invite. But this feature will be great for monitoring your children’s online activity. And keep in mind that the supervision will be off after your child turns 18. 

How To Find More Information About Instagram Followers?

If you are extremely interested in what to do when you find some private account or someone with a hidden account following you, you can easily learn more about these people. There are extremely simple ways to do that:

  • Use the Wayback machine. A wayback machine is an archive of old Internet pages. Most of the accounts you want to learn more about were not private back in the day, so you will be able to use this simple tool to find more data. All you have to do is to post the link of the account you are interested in to see as many backups as possible. You can also use it to see followers. You just have to add “/followers” to the link you are pasting. 
  • If you have friends who follow the mysterious profile, you can ask them for more information about it. In some cases, it would just be enough to see who is following the demanded account to learn all the required information. But you will also have the option to ask for help. 
  • Using regular tools such as requests. In many cases, when the profile you want to follow has a lot of subscribers, your follow request will be accepted without any issues. 

As you can see, it is way too simple to learn more about such accounts. There are some third-party top private Instagram viewer apps available that might still look like a pretty decent solution, but in many cases, they will just give you the information you can find yourself.

Is That Possible To Examine Instagram Profiles For Free?

If you would like to learn more about the person who runs the account you are interested in, you can easily use both integrated Instagram tools and free applications, such as web archives. Nowadays, it is not hard to work with private profiles, and you will always find free, reliable, and fully legal options to learn more about the mysterious strangers that appear on your way. 



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