Simple Tips To Personalise Your PG Room In A Budget

Simple Tips To Personalise Your PG Room In A Budget

Your space defines your personality, be it your own room at home or the PG room you are staying in. After a long day at work or college, you want to be at peace when you come back to your room. A personalized space that feels familiar and relaxing can make a world of difference. Sadly, when it comes to staying in a girls PG in Ahmedabad, Delhi, Pune, Bangalore or just about any city in the country, most of them turn out to be very bland spaces – lifeless dull walls, hardly any décor to spruce up a place and in some cases, the rooms themselves are dreary, boxy ones. If you move into a professionally managed accommodation space like Stanza Living, of course the scenario is way more exciting. For one, they have created well-designed spaces focusing on a vibrant colour philosophy, ergonomic furniture and more that make for a cheery living space. But whether you move into a PG or a managed accommodation, personalizing your own room adds just the right bit of warmth to a space. If you are hard-pressed for ideas, here are some ways in which you can do up a space:

Light and lights: There is nothing better than a well-lit and ventilated room. Light not only adds elegance but brings in a positive vibe, an illusion of space and healthy cheer to the room. Using light colours (pastels, crème/peach) for furnishings like curtains, bedsheets, cushions further enhance the charm of a room. If you room is slightly smaller, you should consider staying away from bright colours like bright greens, oranges, blues and reds as they create a more dark and cluttered effect. Additionally, get your hands on some fairy lights – white/yellow strings to hanging or bottle-up and place on a desk/a dark corner of the room and create a soothing effect.

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Indoor Greens: There’s hardly anyone who wouldn’t feel cheery while walking through a lush garden, running through a verdant field or gazing at a distant thicket. Bring in the green into your own spaces and we guarantee they will feel like an instant perk-me-up when you enter your room. A windowsill, a study table, a tiny corner of your room, a wall shelf or even the foot of your bed – there are several spots you can find for indoor plants, irrespective of the size of your room. And considering they grow well even with minimum maintenance and occasional doses of sunlight, we feel that’s the most convenient way to do up your room. Might we suggest picking up a pot of Aglaonema, Jade Plant, Spider Plant, Peace Lily or a Rubber Plant? They come in various sizes too so can be fitted into any space. Indoor plants are truly therapeutic – they help reduce stress levels, improve air quality and boost your productivity. Considering we are spending so much time indoors, a plant can be good company.

Declutter and re-organise: Make this a monthly habit. It is human to enjoy buying new things. It is also human to hoard. Fix a time of the month and declutter your cupboard, your study table, your bed and that chair that has now become a clothes-stand. Be stern with yourself – if you haven’t used something in a long while, you are unlikely to use it ever. A wiser bet would be to swap or donate things. You’ll thank yourself for the extra space.

There are so many ways you can add a little bit of you in your room. Even if it is through a small corner where you have made your little library or that corner by the exterior window sill where you have your colourful dreamcatcher swaying away to glory or a small bowl filled with your crystal stones to realign your chakras and to attract positive vibes or maybe a shrine to your Marvel or DC collectibles. Let your room define you!

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Also, you can consider Student Accommodation, look for off-campus options, prioritize essential amenities, negotiate rent if possible, explore roommate matching services, choose locations with lower living costs, and utilize student discounts wherever applicable

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