Six Dog Items You Should Bring in Your Camping Gear

Six Dog Items You Should Bring in Your Camping Gear

Bringing your dog on a camping trip can present you with tons of fun, but you need to make sure you pack some items for your dog. After all, you want to keep your furry friend happy, so you need to make sure you can cover his or her needs. With this in mind, we want to talk about six dog items you should bring on your camping trip.

Dog Boots

This may catch some people off guard, but dog boots can be a solid option during a camping trip. Dog boots will give your pet some extra protection from the rough terrain you may come across on a camping trip. You can’t predict what your dog may come across, so you should protect his or her feet from potential dangers.

While your dog will need some time get used to the boots, they can provide some much-needed protection from various situations. For example, someone at the campsite could have left something dangerous or sharp on the ground that could injure your dog. You should provide this extra protection since your dog could get injured during the trip.

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A Leash

Unexpected situations can arise when you go camping, so you should always bring a leash with you. Remember that your dog won’t be familiar with the area, so he or she may feel more on edge than usual. On top of this, you don’t want your dog to run off without you, so you need an easy way to keep him or her close to you.

A leash will also make it easier for you to go around the campsite with your dog. You can walk around the area and let your dog sniff different spots while you keep him or her safe. Depending on your dog’s training, you may not have to keep him or her on a leash the entire time, but you should still bring this safety measure with you.

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A Dog Bed

Your dog will need a place to sleep during the camping trip. Whether you camp in a tent or in an RV, you should accommodate for your dog’s needs. For example, if your dog uses a kennel to sleep at night, you should make sure you bring the kennel with you. If you have a dog bed, you can let your dog sleep in it while putting your sleeping bag nearby.

However, if you plan to bring your dog’s bed, you should also make sure you provide protection from the rain. You never know when you may face rain during a camping trip, so you should make sure your dog has solid protection. After all, your furry friend doesn’t want to shiver all night, so you should provide some form of covering from potential rain.


As you spend time outside, you could end up in a situation involving water. For example, you could have a lake nearby, camp near the ocean or even face some rain that could make your dog wet. While this may not seem like a major issue, dogs can get cold extremely quickly when they have wet fur, so you need a way to dry off your furry friend.

This makes towels important since you can easily store them and pull them out as needed. If your dog goes for a swim or ends up in the rain, you have an effective way to dry him or her off. Once the rain stops, or you finish using the towel, you can hang it somewhere and let it dry just in case you need to use it again.

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Dog Toys

Even though your dog will have a new environment to explore, he or she needs something to keep things fun. If you bring some of your dog’s favorite toys, you can let your furry friend run around and play with them. On top of this, dogs sometimes want a toy they can chew on while relaxing in a quiet spot.

As an added point, your dog may want something he or she feels familiar with while in a new environment. The dog toys could help your furry friend feel safer and more comfortable while camping. Also, if your dog starts to get anxious, scared or upset, then those toys can add another layer of comfort to help him or her overcome it.

Extra Blankets

Depending on the place you plan to camp at, you could run into some cold weather. While you may have a bed in your RV or a nice sleeping bag, you will need to keep your dog warm. Sure, your dog will have his or her furry coat to stay warm, but dogs can get cold easily, so they sometimes need some extra layers to help them.

You should bring some extra blankets to help your dog warm up in cold weather. If it gets really cold, you could bring your dog close to you and help each other stay warm. Either way, extra blankets could benefit you or your furry friend, so it wouldn’t hurt to pack a few of them just in case you both get cold during the evening.

Even though most people know to bring food, water and treats for their dogs, we wanted to mention other items that they may forget. These ones will have their uses while keeping your dog comfortable and happy. Make sure you bring these items with you if you want to meet your dog’s needs while you enjoy a camping trip together.

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