The 5 Best Sites for buying Bulk items at wholesale prices

The 5 Best Sites for buying Bulk items at wholesale prices

Buying your supplies in bulk gives you a chance of saving more! Now, it isn’t rocket science to understand that saving more equals more profits. Further, when you have a better profit margin, you can utilize the situation to offer better discounts to your customers. This way, you have better chances of exploring new potential customers besides retaining the old ones.

Sounds interesting, right?

Are you one of the B2B wholesale suppliers, who likes to think ahead of the curve? Or, do you understand the perks of buying bulk items at wholesale prices and want to implement it for your business? If that’s the case, you have hit the right spot for your supplies!

In this piece, you will find the five best sites for buying bulk items at wholesale tariffs over different online platforms. But before that, let’s explore the various benefits of going with the option.

Perks of buying items in bulk quantity online?

Many wholesale retailers are skeptical about online purchasing, as the product gallery stays digital and physical locations might go beyond geographical terrains. Interestingly, it is one of the pros of shopping via such mediums.

Now, to put all your second thoughts at rest, discussed below are some aspects of online bulk shopping:

  • Cost Transparency

One of the essential factors of bulk buying is savings over the purchase. When you eliminate intermediaries from the purchase chain, you save money that generally goes as a commission. Further, online platforms have listed sellers with a fixed rate, making it easier for you to compare various products. This way, you can easily select the sellers that provide the best rates for your desired products.

  • Rigid Quality Control

Thanks to their selling policies, online wholesale platforms deliver superior quality products at a fixed rate. And it doesn’t end there; you also get the products delivered to your door. They strictly abide by the ‘You get what you see’ business rule for respecting consumers’ interests.

  • Fast and Timely Delivery

Why run around stores, when you can do shopping at your fingertips? Online websites offer more varieties and better deals than a local store. After you place the order, the item will be delivered to your doorstep within the said date of delivery.

  • You get access to a wide variety of categories

With sellers from different geographies, purchase over online websites gives you a chance to explore and stock up a wide variety of stocks. This way, you are at a better chance of enticing potential customers besides improving your chances of a sale.

The 5 best sites for buying bulk items

1.  Alibaba

Alibaba is a China-based multinational company and is one of the world’s largest e-commerce companies and retailers. It is widely recognized for offering B2B, B2C, and C2C services. This platform is essentially a compilation of individual dealers that offer their products, similar to other large e-commerce sites.

While you are creating your cart at Alibaba, the lowest priced product will have a relatively large minimum order. But if you are ready to spend more, you can buy single items or a smaller lot of products. This website provides every imaginable product; whether you are looking for 10 stilettos or a pound of dark chocolate, you will find everything here!

2.   eBay

eBay might look like an auction site, but there is more to it; buyers of every type can use this platform to purchase bulk items at wholesale prices & exciting deals. However, you need to use the advanced search menu to buy bulk items.

All you need to do is use a specific keyword for your search. For instance- if you want to buy 100 induction cooktops, you need to search a ‘lot of 100 induction cooktops’. However, not every product you find on eBay has a bulk listing; most of the bulk listings include electronic devices, clothing, jewelry, and video games. These items can often be found at a cheaper price range from auctions that do not get enough bids or Chinese manufacturers.


3.  DHgate

This e-commerce website specializes in B2C and B2B services. The dealers of DHgate are generally medium and small size Chinese industries that offer bulk purchasing at wholesale rates.

This online website is not as large as Alibaba but still has a comprehensive collection of some popular electronics, outdoor appliances, fashion accessories, and clothing. The price depends on the number of pieces you order; large orders get better rates.

However, this site is more user-friendly in terms of the ordering process. So, if you are a consumer, DHgate will offer a better customer experience.

4.    Global sources 

This Honk-Kong based company specializes in B2B services and transactions both online and offline. This company’s primary source of business is the online marketplace and trade shows. The majority of the dealers of Global Sources are manufacturers, exporters, and wholesalers.

The website functions are the same as Alibaba; even here, you need to contact the dealer directly before placing a bulk order. Global sources range from a few to a few thousand pieces, and larger order results in lower cost.

5.    Costco

Costco is the ultimate destination for buying bulk papers, groceries, and plastic products for your office or home. This big wholesale market has everything that you need that too in cut-rate tariffs. Most bulk items lie under food and house supplies,  electronics, clothing, and luggage.

Rapid delivery speed makes it a popular choice among B2B wholesale suppliers. Depending on the goods you ordered and the location, it’s possible to receive your parcel within two days of order. Costco has a website specially designed for B2C services, and the Costco business site is for business people and entirely focuses on fulfilling business orders.


Selecting the right platform for your bulk purchases is essential, make sure you look at your needs before making a decision! Remember, the better you save over your purchases, the higher is your purchasing power and the rate of discounts that you can offer to your customers.

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