The Best Poker Instagram Pages

The Best Poker Instagram Pages

Getting into real money poker? That’s great! There is a lot to learn about poker for newcomers, especially when real money is involved. The initial temptation would be to jump straight into these best ranked real money poker sites and for good reason, however before you do so, let’s take a look at some Instagram pages that can assist you on that journey with some hints and tips.

The Poker Mindset (thepokermindset)

The Poker Mindset celebrates a following count of well over 40k. As the name suggests this account focuses on the mental side of the game. The advice on offer here is usually presented in a stylish and consistent theme making it very appealing to the eye. This is complemented with quotes from some of the top players (Jason Koon and Erik Seidel to name just two) which makes for a very wise experience-based advice offering.

Poker News (pokernews)

Arguably the biggest news outlet for poker content, Poker News covers everything on their primary site from event results, interviews with the biggest players, and anything in between. Some of the best content on their gram is where you can observe top players across a hand or two of play. While it’s not explicitly training material, it will expose you to how the best react and deal with different hands.

BlackRain79 (Officialblackrain79)

If you’ve ever looked for information on poker through Google, chances are that you’ll have been given a link to BlackRain79 at some point. Born, Nathan Williams, this player was one of the original poker content creators as he wrote several books on the game before social media was around.

Keeping up with the times, Williams shares a lot of useful information on his page. This includes how to think as a poker player in different game situations, assessing card combinations, and general advice. If you like the tips so much, he often links to his official site where you can subscribe to premium content and he also has his Youtube channel which has useful videos.

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BBZPoker (bbzpoker)

With over 17k followers on Insta, BBZPoker offers a lot of great poker content on their page which users come back time and time again for. The account creates a decent amount of reels and posts which show the players throughout multiple hands of play. The hosts then do their best to break down their actions and their experience in playing the game, sharing best practice on how to succeed at poker and some fun memes at the same time.

The guys behind the account offer some paid-for content including poker coaching but also host some free seminars on poker strategy. The account also reports the latest news surrounding the sport, mostly relating to the online variation.

WPT Global (wptglobal)

You’ve got to reach for the stars right? Following the official World Poker Tour Instagram presents all the breaking stories and results from the tour. This will expose you to how the top players conduct their hands. They also provide links to their blog posts which cover multiple topics like learning the game as a beginner. In addition, they often share key content like their current deals if you want to bet on their official app/site.

Jonathan Little (jcardshark)

Following some of the most esteemed poker players is only a good idea. Typically, they’ve seen every card combination and have displayed the capability to react well each time. Who wouldn’t want to learn from these guys? Jonathan Little is one of the most active poker players on Instagram, as he posts content on a daily basis.

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His content ranges from clips from his prior games, inspirational tips for playing poker, and general advice on playing card games. Given these resources are all viewable for free, it makes following Little a necessity. Oh, and he even posts a selfie or two from his vacations or poker trips, all wholesome!

Maria Ho (maria_ho)

One of the most popular players in the modern poker landscape is Maria Ho. Subsequently, she’s earned a rich social media following with 127k followers on Instagram alone. Her feed isn’t exclusively poker based as she shares her snaps of the places she visits as well as other general lifestyle content. However, her poker posts are incredibly valuable to new players as she deconstructs her tactics, like how to bluff and other key routes to win, and she’s also seen as a hall of famer so it can’t hurt to take some advice from her.

Lex Veldhuis (lexveldhuis)

The Dutch-born poker player, Lex Veldhuis may have emerged on the WSOP scene around 2009 but has become a lot more relevant recently having become one of the most active social media users within poker. Lex uses Twitch to live stream a lot of games where you can watch and learn. However, his Insta feed serves almost like a ‘best bits’ highlights reel for his live content making it easier to navigate through a wealth of media. While not classed as training content, his reactions and the way he talks through his hands are incredibly useful to new poker players. The jovial presentation makes the content incredibly fun and accessible to anyone who wants to invest more time into poker.

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