The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Mobile App Development

The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Mobile App Development

The number of people using smartphones is significantly rising in countries, like India, United States, China and the rest of the world with over 3 billion smartphone users worldwide.

The report shows that more than 3.8 billion people across the globe own a smartphone, and they are expecting to grow continually by several hundred million in the upcoming years.

In today’s world, people are likely to use smartphones whether it is about finding the general info, reading content, or shopping online due to its convenience and easy to use. A lot of people are moving towards mobile app development, but they don’t know how and where to start with mobile app development?

Well! In this article, you will learn a complete guide to mobile app development and the most important tools and tactics that you will require while developing a successful mobile app.

Let’s get started!

Choosing the right tools for mobile app development

There are several frameworks and development toolkits available in the market, but choosing the right frameworks is really hard to decide on. To make it apparent, you need to clear your vision and goal behind developing a mobile app, like what functionality you want to bring in the app, what would be the name of the app and how it will look like to the end-user.

There are various other things that you need to consider before choosing the right tools, technology and development frameworks as each is designed to meet the specific requirements. So, be sure to choose the right tools wisely to make it the right choice for your app.

Get to Know the Actual Concept

Before getting into the design and formation of mobile app development, you need to clear out the basic idea and concept, like what is its main objective and what it will cover to help the end-user.

This is an initial step where you have to convert your ideas into stunning outwork. Put yourself as a customer and ask a few questions like;

  • What types of apps do you want to create?
  • What problems will it solve?
  • Whether it is a native or hybrid app?
  • How will be the user interface of the app?
  • What types of customers will it cover?
  • How is it unique from other apps?
  • What platforms and development frameworks you will use?
  • What will be the set budget and time to complete it?
  • What types of competitors will it have?

In addition, be sure to know what types of services it will offer to the end customer and how differently they will attract the customer attention and everything that would make your app the most successful in the app market. People don’t like to use the same version of already designed things and not even you.

Now that you can start from scratch to craft the actual layout of the app and you will get to learn many things during your mobile app development.


Defining the Backend for your Mobile App


There might be some possibilities of modifying the wire frameworks and storyboard with technical needs in the backend process. For developing a successful app, you need to be flexible to adapt and alter the things when needed, therefore, you need to be more and more flexible throughout your mobile app development process to attain the goal. It will help in getting a more accurate result with standard coding quality and designing throughout the entire development process.


Get Into The Designing Part


This is the phase where you will start designing and developing your app with the predetermined idea and concept. If you are already a developer, you won’t face a lot of problems and can handle almost everything as your own without the need of the other.


If you lack technical expertise in mobile app development, you will need to take help from an experienced developer or work together to create a prototype, which can be released in beta form. Doing so can help you to perform quality testing to polish the app before publishing it to the app store.


You can register yourself as a developer to test its features and functionality and to check whether they are absolutely working fine or need further implementation and bug fixing. To do so, you will need to decide the software that is most compatible with your app.


Additionally, you need to think about the devices that you would like to choose to work with and download the app called Software Development Kit (SKD).


It will help you ensure the type of devices your app is compatible with and therefore, you can plan out the services to use on this app.


Testing & Delivery


Now that you are done with the design and development, it is time to finally test and launch the app on Google play store. Your work is not finished yet, now you have to monitor the app to check download rate, reviews and overall functionality.


It will ensure that your bug is really good to stand out in the market or require further modifications in terms of compatibility, User interface, designing, security and performance based on the feedback given by the user. Allowing you to take further necessary actions to enhance the functionality in the app.


Once the app makes its way to a wider marketplace, you can start marketing the app and also be sure that you have presented it with easy to read and clear description content.


To Sum Up


Thus, you need to be the master of coding first to know more about it in detail before you directly move on to mobile app development. Having a clear vision in mind, knowing about right frameworks and tools, choosing an app platform, getting into the design and deployment are a few things that you should keep in mind before you start your mobile app development process. Following the above guides can help you plan out the best possible ways to go for successful mobile app development in 2021.


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